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AOR - past, present and future.

For the past 10-15 years I have been involved with the melodic rock and sub-genres, and the latest 4-5 years hasn't ben easy.
The market was filled up with grunge and post-punk - and they had an influence on the charts as well as in fashion. AOR and the related genres was pushed to an excistence in the gutter - but what has happened??
Now I can feel fresh air coming out of that gutter - more and more labels dare to put something out again, and new labels are coming up in the horizon.
André Andersen (ROYAL HUNT) relaxing. Many musicians has their own definition of ther musical roots - they do not want to be compared with sub-genres and this kind of definition. And this is where AOR stands today - parted among musicians and fans. Because I think the fans of AOR also buy an album with melodic rock now and then - and to me it is not important that the group or the artist is defined in an certain category.
MARK SPIRO - Master of AOR! I like the 80's very much, and I remember them now and then but to me 1990 was the last year wearth remembering after that Nirvana an Pearls Jam terrorized the charts. Former names like Whitesnake, Dokken and Motley Crue wasn't that hot after all, an in this identitycrisis some of the band tried to sound "grungy".
At the end of the day I can see a bright future for this kind of music. Hopefully it will not be as big as in former days - because there was a lot of releases that shouldn't have seen the light of day. I think MTM, Escape Rcords, Z Records must take a long hard look on the quality of the releases because only with quality (and promotion of course) we will again see and hear the sound of distorted hooks, powerfull drums, big choir and great songs!!!! And that's it for now.