Hugo Valenti interview January-24-2000.

HUGO - Time On EarthAs a little hors d'eouvre for the upcoming album "Time On Earth" I managed to talk to a busy Hugo Valenti who took the time and answered the questions.
Read on and get an up-date on several subjects.
And prepare yourself on the BLAST when it's released at the end of this month because I think we all have great expectations on this one!
Frontiers gave us a little taster when they put the track "I'll be waiting" on their "Union 2"-combilation late '99.
"Time On Earth" is written, produced and recorded by Hugo himself, who also playing the drums. Vinny Burns from TEN playing lead-guitar on 3 tracks.

The Interview:
Q: With your last record you hit just the right moment - good timing. Because as I remember it almost all web-sites and magazines concerning AOR were very pleased. How do feel about this release, that will be received with very high expectations?

A: HEY STEEN!! I think, like the first cd, its a pretty good time now for releasing. Its been too long that we've been apart so just the thought of reaching out to my fans once again is incredible!!
Im also very confident that my fans or any fan of melodic rock is gonna dig TIME - its really the next level for me in terms of what i love to do - A.O.R!

Q: On this one you have covered a Triumph-classic, Why? I meen, there are other groups whose influences are more obvious?

A: I covered "Magic Power" because this song was one that i would play back in school. Just the message and emotion behind it - its something i really wanted to do.

Q: What do you think of the environment in the business today?. I can feel optimism and enthusiasm among journalists and fans, I am not a musician myself and cannot feel the milleu among you, but I can see and hear musical product of a very high quality and played with great joy, is that right?

A: Its hard to comment on the state of the bussiness right now. I live in New York and the radio really sucks here!!! Im happy doing what i love. if it turns out that we have a hit with "Time On Earth", then im ready to forge ahead for all the great bands and fans who want this to happen...
Talk to ya soon - HUGO

Steen Peitersen 2000