Norway July-21-2000.

Norway - Arrival.After having released on the finest AOR releases so far in the year 2000 Norway is ready to conquer the world.
Right here you get the updates on how the two frontmen guitarist Jim Santos and vocalist Glenn Pierson sees the situation.
Read on and get a grip on the humor and mood within the orchestra, as well as a point of view on the past, present and future on the band and music business in general.
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The Interview:
Q: Whats the story so far behind Norway as a group? You released an independent debut-album a couple of years ago - what was the reactions on that one ?

A: Glenn:It put us on the music map! With our own promotion and press coverage we got, fans and labels got to know us.Though it has "independent" production quality, its a great album that people should check out !

Jim: It really took us by surprise.We had no idea that there were still fans of our kind of music. "Night Dreams" was certainly a labor of love, and it was extremely gratifying to have ot bring a measure of success.

Q:How have you matured as a band from your debut till your recently recorded album "Arrival"?

A: Glenn: I think we show on Arrival the styles we like to play and write. Its a little heavier than Night Dreams but we like heavy stuff!Air Supply we're not !As a band unit, we just keep playing better and better. Each new song is becoming more cohesive and flows better live as we grow as musicians and as a band.

Jim: Night Dreams was more a "Jim & Glenn" album, we virtually played everything. Marty and Joe played on 4 songs, and only after the songs were done. We went back into the studio and they dubbed their parts. For Arrival, the process was treated as a project by the whole group even though it was mostly written by Glenn and I. I do most of the arranging as well, but again this time it was done at live rehearsals with the band instead of just Glenn and I in the basement.

Q:What can we expect as follow-up on the album- tournews etc?

A:Glenn: So far no tour news. We're hoping to be at the Gods 2000 show in England this year.

Jim: Yeah. Now & Then has just about promised for us to be there again this year so we're real excited about that! Also the US release is due out anytime now, so we hope to play a few dates around here this summer.

Q:Are you well at the up-coming new label Frontiers - it seems that they have a number of really good band under their wings!

A:Glenn: We're riding the tiger. Frontiers is signing a lot of 80-s artists so it can only help draw fans to our music as well as to the label.

Jim: It's hard to say. Technically we're signed with Now & Then Productions who uses Frontiers as their record company. Therefore most of our business dealings are with Now & Then. But for the record we have no complaints with Frontiers. Actually I like Mario quite a bit, and Serafino was very kind and supportive when Night Dreams came out. He connected me with many of the distributers throughout Europe.

Q:How would you describe the new album - maybe compared to your debut? In Denmark where I live it is very difficult to get hand on releases in the AOR and Melodic Rock genre - I havent seen your debut in a shop, but only "Arrival"!

A:Glenn: We sold Night Dreams through distribution channels that should have gone into Denmark but you never know. Night Dreams is available on our Website

Jim: In addition to buying it from us directly at our site, there are also links to other places where you can get it. For certain European customers, it may cost more to get from us here in the US. It is distributed by Cargo in the UK, Sun in Spain, Mega Rock in Sweden(and export) Frontiers in Italy, and of course through our good friend Georg Seigl at AOR Heaven
As far as comparing it to Night Dreams, of course there are similarities but overall it's a more direct record.A more immediate sound. A little rougher around the edges. We're finding our own voice now. Also we are writing now for the next record, and although I may be biased...WOW it's gonna be really good! Let's just say we don't believe in taking backward steps!

Q:How would you describe the music scene in the genre of AOR and Melodic Rock today? As you can see it's difficult to get it here but on-line you can get anything - is this the future?

A:Glenn:The Internet surely opens up a much broader potential audience than without. Music goes in cycles. Right now, 80's style bands are being resigned and the music is coming to the forefront. Hopefully it will rise high enough to get a band like ours on an international playing field where we can get airplay and tour !!

Jim: I'm not really sure it's the future quite yet, but it certainly is the catalyst towards something.For music creation to continue to exist, a new business model has to be formed. It cannot go on as it is.Look at the Metallica/Napster debate.
The point is, how can a band make a living if it's avenue of income is cut off because it's music is given away? In the case of big superstars, yeah they still make money just not as much as they should .It's theft just the same.But Metallica is fighting for everyband! For NORWAY, and all the other bands like us . It's our dream to just make music for a living. How could we ever hope to do that if we could only sell a few records and then it was traded for free around the world? People all over the world get up and go to work everyday. And on payday they expect to get paid for their effort. Why is music (and the arts) not thought of that way?
Anyway it's changing. Let's hang on and see what happens!

Steen Pejtersen 2000