Push interview April-12-2000.

PUSH - On the run.The danish melodic/glam-rockers Push are ready to release their third album.
The second on british label Z Records. As on their previous albums the band have also this time around worked with danish star-producer Jan Eliasson (Skagarack, Torben Schmidt and Aces High). I have talked to frontman, singer and songwriter Martie Peters (Martin Petersen) on past, present and the future for Push:
Read on and get a grip on the humor and mood within the orchestra.

The Interview:
Q: On several Sites on the Internet there seems to be a big fuzz to your new album - could you describe your musical development from your first CD and until now. How was the mood in the studio - you have decided to work with Jan Eliasson this time, too!

A: It seems that the first reviews on the new album are looking really good! It's nice get a headstart. The first album was a reaction to what we felt was the saddest times in rock-history!! We wanted to make a record that praised life - with no frills.
We financed the whole thing and got Nordic Metal as distribution. It was available all over Europe and USA, and we got great reviews. We supported Pretty Maids and Royal Hunt in Denmark and Pink Cream 69 in Antwerpen, Belgium. We had a lot of positive reactions and it proved to us that people still wanted good, pure rock'n roll.
In '98 we were contacted by Z Records - they wanted to sign us, and we accepted. We produced again by ourselves and hired Jan Eliasson to the mixing. Martin Slott and Morten Plenge was new guys, and after almost a year "Shaken, not stirred" was ready to go. We toured with Pretty Maids in Denmark and played some shows in Sweden, Holland and Belgium. We also got a warm-up job for DIO!
Since medio '99 we have worked hard and finally "On the Run" is on the streets. In my humble opinion it's our best record so far. It contains all that we like - good riffs and good melodies. Jan Eliasson has mixed and mastered again - he really knows how to make something of nearly nothing heh, heh!

Q: How do you see the genre this years? I feel a still growing interest, but do you see new, young people at your concerts or is it the same guys as in the good ol' days?

A: The genre is looking good - but it could be better, though! None of the big radio- or TV-stations are playing rock these years - not even big names gets any airplay, so it's not easy to be "up and coming". When we play it's to a mixed audience, it's obvious that ol' friends are there, but also new faces are popping up. And I don't know everybody who heard rock in the 80's heh, heh!

Q: Since your first album you have made a few changes in the line-up. Does that fact influence your relation to the music?

A: The most important fact to me is that the music works! The players have second priority. If everybody in the band like to play the music - it's cool, but I don't force anyone to stay against their will.
Therefore we have made a few changes - some wanted to be at home, and others wanted to quit and I respect that. Martin DaRic (guitar) played on the first album and is now back. He don't play on the new one though, but he is committed to the band, and only that counts! When we all are working for the same case, nothing can stop us!
The big difference between "Maximum Entertainment" and "On the Run" is that we have developt so much as musicians - and the musicians that play now are all ready to stand the distance!

Q:Now you are signed to one of the "bigger" labels in the genre - what opportunities does that give you ?

A: We can get contact to a much bigger audience than with our first one. Z Records have a good reputation, and people are serious. Our record does not end in the trash-can at a journalist because of an unknown label-name on the back.... We also have a budget for PR and a tour and that's indispensable when you've made a record.

Q:What are your plans for the future?

A: Right now we are very anxious on the reviews on "On the Run". At the end of April some of us are heading to New York to promote the record. In August we start to a live-tour - we are going to England for a club-tour and we will play ZRock2000 in Stockholm. Besides that we have a contact to a couple of band regarding a support-job on a European tour in the fall - it will be a fun year.
Our next CD will hopefully be ready in May 2001 - so we will record a bit, too..
Cheers .. and ROCK ON!! - Martie Peters, Push.

Steen Peitersen 2000