The Records

My favorite Records released in '99

That's it '99 is over and we are facing another Year, Decade and Millenium (or is that next Year?) A new Year always indicates a new beginning ... a new start. But first of all I will like to look at the best releases in the Year of '99 - there was a lot of good stuff coming out, but I liked the most (in no order at all):
My favorite records in '99
  • Jaded Heart "IV" MTM
  • Fergie Frederiksen "Equlibrium" MTM
  • Steelhouse Lane "Slaves of the new World" MTM
  • A.C.T. "Today's Report" MTM
  • Michael Morales "That's the way" MTM
  • Jimi Jamison's Survivor "Empires" Frontiers Records
  • Ten "Spellbound" Frontiers Records
  • John Elefante "Defying Gravity" Frontiers Records
  • Def Leppard "Euphoria" Polygram
  • Royal Hunt "Fear" SPV/Steamhammer