The Words

Just a few words on the past year!

I will remember the Year of '99 with a mix of joy and despair. Joy because of the many new bands and many releases that came out in a very good quality, that gives me high hopes for 2000. The record companies also gives me a hope for the genre because of the great work and enthusiasm. But also despair because of the confusion among the bands about direction and musical expression.
'99 was the year we lost topproducer Bruce Fairbairn, drummer Cozy Powell and The british band Thunder threw in the towel. It was also the year where Jimi Jamison and Frankie Sullivan fought of the legal rights to the the Survivor-name, a battle still going on - sad. Just as sad as Saxon and their fight - childish.
Two top band said goodbye to their singers Journey parted company with Steve Perry but had a very good replacement in Steve Augheri - but Van Halen dont know how to replace Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone for that matter.
But bands and highlights in focus in '99 and hopefully in the future too are the hard-working Keith Slack singing in Steelhouse Lane and giving Michael Schenker a needed shot of adrenaline. Mark/Marcie Free also god his/her sex (sorry) "stuff" together and had a splendid web-site - it seem rather positive and promising. Terry Brock formerly known with his works with Strangeways got a new band together - and I am looking forward to Sign Of Life's debut.
This is it - that's the way I saw '99. I hope my rather high hopes for 2000 will be fulfilled. Take care out there and remember:
Together we can give AOR, melodic rock and hard rock a future!!