B. Joe

B. Joe (Brian Joe Johansen) played in the 1980's in a Hendrix-cover band called Purple Haze and went on to play psychedelic/acid/rock in a band called Azurit. In 1990 Azurit was offered a contract on a British label IF they changed their name. Therefore became Azurit (the band) B. Joe (solo) - and the contract was cancelled, by the way.
The debut album was self financed, and the money went down the drain when the company couldn't pay the bills. The sound on the record was surprisingly poppy - considering the reputation B. Joe has got as a guitar driven, bluesy, rocking band in a live situation. The record featured B. Joe on vocals and guitar, Nils Kr°yer on bass, Thomas Johansen (b. Joe's little brother) on keyboards and Jesper Irn on drums.
With "Ready to Ride" it looked like a breakthrough - The line-up was unchanged but it was produced by Tom Anderson, who had worked with Pretty Maids and Flemming Rasmussen, known for his work with Metallica and Rainbow was called in, as well as Torben Schmidt from Skagarack and Jan Eliasson. The single "Don't wanna loose you" was played a lot on the local radiostations, but Galahad Records went bankcrupt, too. The record was later re-released by Olafssongs, and in 1992 B. Joe played on the International music meeting South By Southwest in Austin, Texas with great succes.
In 1993 "Ready to Ride" was released in the rest of Europe through the German label GSE. And B. Joe played 3 tours in Germany - one as a support act to Slade II.
At christmas time 1995 "White, white Roses" came out - this time more like a solo thing with guest musicians.
B. Joe went to USA to record in the Sun studios in Memphis with local musicians - but I don't know how the recordings went... B. Joe's little brother Thomas "TeeJay" went on with a band called Naked Rain, and they recorded an album called "Brothers and Sisters" on the Nordic Metal label.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
B. Joe (click to enlarge)
Ready to Ride
Little Angel; Messenger; Gipsy; My Angel; Don't wanna fight; Oh Ma; Before it's too late; Citylight Love; Freedom & Love; The Stranger; My Friend.
Ready to Ride (click to enlarge)
Ready to Ride
Rock'n roll Junkie, Ready to Ride; Dirty Sheets; Don't wanna lose you; Forty Days; Lies; Brand new Start; Alright now; All the Nights.
Galcd 001
White, white Roses (click to enlarge)
White, white Roses
White, white Roses; Summer of Love; Way down the Road; Children; Nothing at all; If you wanted; Mr. Guitarman; Confusion; Freedom was calling; Like a Horse in a Race; Out too long; Oh Ma; Down in Austin, Texas; Be your Man.
OCD 031

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