Carisma - Kaare Amelung, Jon Froda, Jan Black and Jesper Arvidson

Carisma started out under the name Run back in the early 90's in a Danish town called Skaelskoer. Founding members was bass player and vocalist Kaare Amelung, guitarist Jon Froda and drummer Jesper Arvidson - later came bass player Jan Black but he didn't play anything on the album. It was recorded at Sweet Silence and produced by John Mathias and Frank Birch.
Their first - and to my knowledge only - album is an outstanding concept in the vein of super groups like Dream Theater and Queensr˙che. The story of the album is based on the true events around an unhappy love story with an extremely unhappy end regararding the beautiful young girl from Skaelskoer called Maren Nielsdatter who killed her father Christian Knudsen in 1824 because he didn't want her to get married to her beloved boyfriend Niels Pedersen. Maren, Niels and another partner in crime Peder Eliasen who loved Marens mother Ane Nielsdatter crushed Christians skull with a mallet, dragged his body across a field and threw it into a marl pit...
All this is descibed in Hans Christian Andersen's biography "the Story of my Life" - because he was at the execution of those 3 at Kanehoej in 1825.
If you can get you hands in this album and you like a conceptual based album with a lot of power and melody you won't be disappointed - this is great stuff! I don't know what happened to the band - but they went seperate ways just after the release... sad.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
1825 (click to enlarge)
Marriage of Convenience; Wind of Dreams; Heed my Call; Closing Rhyme; Tears in my Eyes; Lean on; Killing Tribe; Nothing left (but saying goodbye); Twisted Minds; Hate is homeless Love; Epilogue.

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