Jane Doe

The band Jane Doe started back in the start 90's - and is founded by former Witch Cross bassist "Little" John Field. With him there was two young talented guitar players Paul Martini & Peter Domtorp, a classy vocalist in Jesse Higher and a drummer called Jean Hoover. Hoover died in 1994 but had recorded most of the drumtracks on the debut - but the band finished it with Allan Tshicaja - who later turned up in Royal Hunt and Pretty Maids.
The album is inspired by Mid-European hard rock and had a pretty decent cover version of the old Cliff Richard track "Devil Woman" and a massive background choir in the Danish Læderhalsene (The Leather Throats in English). The single "Devil Woman" and "Feel like love" got some airplay on several big local radioes in Copenhagen.
The band made a minor tour in Denmark and Germany to support the album and they made a distribution agreement with the German SPV label to release the record in Germany, Austria and Schwitzerland. But Jesse Higher dropped out to commit to his vocal forces in Læderhalsene - who is basically on every Danish recording with a background choir! And after that the band fell apart! Jesse Higher (Jesper Höjer) is in 2005 the new shouter in melodic rock band Pangea replacing Torben Lysholm.
These days the only active musician is Peter Domtorp - to my knowledge - in the Danish ZZ Top inspired blues rock band Midnight Blues featuring former Gasolin drummer Søren Berlev (a Danish legend!)

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Jane Doe - Zero to Hero (click to enlarge)
Zero to Hero
Don't tell Lies; Zero to Hero; Devil Woman; Feels like Love; Jane Doe; Rap'n'Roll; Spellbound; Women; I need your Love; Down and out; A simple Moment; Partyzone.
X-Treme Records
XCD 9502

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