Back in 1991 the danish AOR/westcoast five-piece Paradox from Koege won the unofficial world championship in rock arranged by Yamaha in Japan called "Yamaha Band Exposion" and the band was exposed in USA, Europe and Asia.
But before all this turmoil the band has toured as a trio for about 10 years - the band on the record "Games in Wonderland" featured the two brothers Lars and Ole Juul on vocals/guitar and vocals/keyboards, Nicholas Findsen on bass, Søren Lynge on Guitars and Jesper Rytkov on drums.
The album was recorded with the producer Mark J. Wallis in several studios in England - among others the famous Abbey Road Studio. And the overall sound is magnificent - grand, pompous and with lot of melody with excellent musicians. The vibe and style on the album is very much in the vein of Michael Learns to Rock, the softer side of Skagarack and/or even Mr. Mister. My favourite tracks on the album are the big opener "Still Believe" and the rockin' "Green Eyes".
Nowadys the band only plays together for special occasions - because the record company couldn't pay the bills and therefore main man Lars Juul left and the second album died a quiet death. Replay Records and its products went to BMG Records and is STILL available!
All five members are still active as session musicians and technicians on the danish musicscene - among others Nicholas Findsen recorded with fellow Dane Mike Tramp - and on special events they reform Paradox and play tracks from the very overseen album and remember the times when they tasted fame.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Games in Wonderland (click to enlarge)
Games in Wonderland
Still believe; Over and over; U & I; No Wonder; Colours; Straight down the Line; The everlasting Ride; Green Eyes; How can a Man; New Day begins.
Replay/BMG 6707

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