Prime Time

Eduard Hovinga Henrik Poulsen Tonni Rahm Karsten Lagermann

Prime Time is a melodic rock band with some progressive overtones featuring members from Denmark and Holland. All the members are known from studio recordings and live performances with well known bands such as Elegy, Royal Hunt, and Narita.
The band was formed in 1997 by Henrik Poulsen and, at that time, Prime Time was supposed to be a side project. The line-up of the first album "The Unknown" was a little different from today's one. Keyboard maestro Andre' Andersen (Royal Hunt), drummer Allan Sorensen (Ex Narita/Royal Hunt) and bass player Christian D. Raikaj (Ex Narita now with Pangea) were all members at that time.
During the recordings of "The Unknown", Henrik Poulsen and Eduard Hovinga agreed to carry Prime Time on as a proper band. The musical style was exactly what Henrik and Eduard had been looking for, and it was obvious, that a partnership was established. "The Unknown" was released in 1997 in Japan and later all over Europe with good success with guest performances by Karsten Lagermann (Narita) on bass and Morten Sidenius on percussion.
For the second album, "The Miracle", the line-up turned out to be, what it is today. Allan Sorensen was replaced by Flemming Olsen (Ex Narita), Chris Rajkai was replaced by Karsten Lagermann, Tonni Rahm (Ex Royal Hunt) became the second guitar player, and Henrik Poulsen took over the keyboards for the studio recordings, too besides taking care of the guitar!
The style of "The Miracle" was a little different compared with "The Unknown". The album turned out to be even more melodic than the debut and the cover version of the EUROPE hit from 1983 "Seven Doors Hotel", became very popular in Japan.
In 2001 Prime Time will release their third album, "Free The Dream". Accoding to the press material it is "Catchy songs with lots of hooklines are the trademark of the new cd, with Eduard Hovinga showing a new side of his high-class qualities".
Tonni Rahm also played the string on another danish side project: Namely the Cornerstone album featuring Royal Hunt bassist Steen Mogensen and Ex Rainbow singer Dougie White.

Current line Up:
Eduard Hovinga - Lead Vocals
Henrik Poulsen - Lead- & Acustic Guitars, Keyboards and drumprogramming
Tonni Rahm - Lead Guitars
Karsten Lagermann - Bass

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
The Unknown
The Unknown
Living On Borrowed Time; Closer To The Soul; The Unknown; Secrecy; Lovers Lane; Eyes Of The Maker; The Powers That Be; The Wind Beneath My Wings; Unity.
Rising Sun
The Miracle
The Miracle
Shadows; The Miracle; Shine On; Judging Eyes; Stepping Stone; Touched; Refugee; Seven Doors Hotel; Lake Silver; Save Me.
Rising Sun
Free the Dream (click to enlarge)
Free the Dream
Hanging On; I'm Coming Home; Until Tonight; The New You; Free The Dream; You Still Belong; Forever You & I; Spanish Fly (Instrumental); Garden Of Eden; Scorned.
Frontiers Records
CD 070

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