Sateria started out as a sleaze/glam rock band on the Danish music scene around 1987 founded by vocalist Martie Peters (aka Martin Pedersen), guitarist Rikki Shades (aka René Sehic), bassist Steevi Tee (aka Stig Pedersen), keyboarder Jacob Alsøe and drummer Carsten Dan Petersen.
In 1988 Alsøe and C.D. Petersen left and in 1990 they hired drummer Peter Thomsen. The year after that they actually recorded an album called "Cold Beer and a hat full of Fun" - but it was never released!
Instead Martie Peters left and formed Push - he was replaced with Tommy Szarafin, and the band left the glam rock behind and now had a more biker rock attitude a la Junkyard or L.A. Guns.
In 1994 they got a deal with the now dead danish label X-Treme Records and made their first and only full length album called "Crash Bang Boom", which featured background vocals from fellow Dane Mike Tramp and a cover of the old Nazareth classic "Razamanaz".
The group disbanded and Shades and Tee are now in a band called Pride - and they supported Pretty Maids on a Danish club tour early 2001.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Crash Bang Boom (click to enlarge)
Crash Bang Boom
Outlaw; Pleasure House; Ridin' on; Your little Smile; Crash Bang Boom; Don't turn away; Razamanaz; Tell me; I go crazy; For what is right.
X-Treme Records

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