Danish AOR/hard rock band Skagarack was founded in 1984 in Kolding by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardplayer Torben Schmidt (Ex Pulze), guitarist Jan Petersen (Ex Pulze) and drummer Alvin Otto (Ex Pulze) who called in bassist Morten Munch and Keyboardplayer Tommy Rasmussen.
In 1986 they got a national breakthrough with their untitled debut, featuring Jan Eliasson, percussionist Flemming Gerynx and Lars Christensen on background vocals. Especially the first single "I'm Alone" became a favourite on national radio. But the album also became some attention in Japan, England and in the rest of Scandinavia.
In 1988 Skagarack released the very strong and dynamic "Hungry for a Game" produced by Tommy Hansen in the Jailhouse Studios. But for some reasons it did not have the same effect as their first album. And that is a shame because the album is one of my all time favorites with strong tracks like the title track, "Joanna" and the mighty "Outrageous".
In 1990 Skagarack released their most ambitious record called "A Slice of Heaven" produced by Klaus Mack (Queen, Bonfire) and Michael Wagener (Dokken, White Lion), but before to long main man Torben Schmidt went solo and released "A Bit on the Side" in 1991, with the help from guitarists Kee Marcello (Easy Action, Europe), Torben Johansen (De5) and Henrik Janson, drummer Klaus Menzer, Keyboardplayer Steen Boel and bassist Lars Danielson (De5) and background vocals by Knud Lindhard and Joal.
Shorly after Scmidt, Munch, Petersen and drummer Lars Daugaard tried to make a "IV" album - there were some sessions but the tracks was never released.
Schmidt re-formed Skagarack in 1992 with guitarist Allan Gade, bassist Jens Brockhoff, keyboardplayer Steen Boel and drummer Lars Daugaard and in 1993 "Big Time" was released but the record flopped and Skagarack died a quiet death.
Torben Schmidt is now an engineer and producer who worked with primary Mathias Eklundh's Freak Kitchen.
Morten Munch also started a career as a session musician and producer.
Tommy Rasmussen became keyboardplayer in danish pop-band called Fenders and has participated in the Danish edition of the European Music Contest with Danish pop/folk band Neighbours and worked with AOR/Westcoast duo Parber & Kerstein.
Alvin Otto is still teaching and playing the drums in several "jam"-bands like Deepest Purple. He is now a ceramic art designer - see his work on
Guitarist Jan "Pind" Petersen who played in Deepest Purple, Jimi Hendrix Jam and now is active again in a style close to Steve Lukathers Candyman-project or Los Lobotomys. He is also working with Danish pop/rock/party outfit Foxx. Right after the split from Skagarack he moved to Copenhagen and made some demoes with vocalist Johnny Kühn, who actually made the art work for "Hungry for a Game".
The tour manager af Skagarack Stephen Russell supplied a lot of these informations - he is now active in Celtic-inspired orchestra Willow.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Pulze - one of the first Danish Hard Rock records
Fredag Aften; Millionen; Så' Du Ovenpå; Naturen; Jeg Er Din Ven; Vi Er På Vej; Lille Dansker; Pas På; Skoletræt; Giv Mig Dog Et Svar.
Skagarack (click to enlarge)
Move it in the night; I'm alone; Saying; Damned woman; Don't turn me upside down; Lies; Victim of the system; City child; Double crossed
829 446-2
Hungry for a Game (click to enlarge)
Hungry for a Game
Hungry for a Game; Joanna; Somewhere in France; She's a Liar; Boys; Outrageous; This World; Take me Home tonight; Always in a Line; Facing the Truth.
835 608-2
A Slice of Heaven (click to enlarge)
A Slice of Heaven
Rock this City; Open your Eyes; Anytime,anywhere; Talk Dirty to me; Believe me; Answer to your Prayers; A Slice of Heaven; Like a Prisoner; My Way or the Highway; So fine so good (CD bonus track); Angel Eyes (CD bomus track).
Md 6353
A Bit on the Side (click to enlarge)
Torben Schmidt solo
A bit on the Side
Love on Sale; Good Day to be Living; When i hold you in my Arms; I gave my Soul to rock'n roll; It ain't the first Time; Turn on my Badland; My Woman; Can't you feel it; Spider's Web; Same old song,same old Story; Sweet Lucy.
468540 1
Big Time (click to enlarge)
Big Time
It's never too late; Ain't you got a mother; Somebody like me; I want you; Hold you, love you, give you; Edge of illusion; Hold on just one more time; Wonder if you really know; Big time; It's never too late (version II).

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