Witch Cross

Witch Cross was originally founded as Blood Eagle back in start 80's in the Danish city Frederiksværk by Alex Savage (aka Alex Nyborg Madsen) on vocals, Mike Wlad (a.k.a. Kock) on guitars, Cole Hamilton on guitars, "Little" John Field on bass and A.C. on drums. The band stood out in a period with many Danish bands hailing the darker sides of the religious spectrum like Mercyful Fate and King Diamond or pure AOR/melodic acts like Fate or Hero with a style that combined melodic power rock with social commitment and critic statements concerning the society! Even though they had rubber skeletons and satanic altars etc. on the stage in the beginning.
They were on the move for another (and better) contract - but in Denmark the band only released this one album - but Wlad and Savage founded the melodic band Harlot shortly after the break and with Harlot they gained a bit of that succes they deserved with their previous work. "Fit for Fight" is produced by danish guitarist Ivan Horn and engineered by Niels Erik Lund who worked with Fate, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond at the legendary Easy Sound Studio in Copenhagen.
The band Witch Cross existed up until 1986 with changing line-ups though. "Little" John Field was the only original member and with Johnny Søndergaard as vocalist, Rene Rieland (Ex Apart) on guitar, Kaare Mortensen on guitar and on keyboards they had André Andersen (now with Royal Hunt) for a short while.
These days Alex Savage has changed his attitude and is a pretty well known DJ on Danish National Television, and had been the anchor and quiz-master on several TV-shows. He also was involved in a nationwide fitness programm where he was trying to loose some weight (he is pretty heavy!!). And he had some programs concerning the subject sex called "Erotica" on the radio - now moved to the Internet as well - check alex.dk.
Alex Nyborg Madsen is still active on the Danish music scene as well - after a while in Led Zeppelin Jam he now has a band called The Savage Affair - playing rock like Del Amitri or Crowded House. The band is also featuring former Harlot keyboardist Bo Brinck.
"Little" John Field later showed up in the Danish outfit Jane Doe - playing German/Mid-European hard rock.
Koch is now living in London (Fulham) where he is working as a producer for Studio 45 and since 2000 a full time member of Les McKeowns Bay City Rollers.

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Witch Cross - Fit for Fight (click to enlarge)
Fit for Fight
Nightflight to Tokyo; Face of a Clown; Rocking the Night away; Killer dogs; Fight the Fire; Axe Dance; Light of a Torch; Alien Savage.
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