=Y= is the brainchild of vocalist Yenz Cheyenne aka Jens Leonhardt Arnsted (Ex Brats/New Brats/Geisha/Zoser Mez). Cheyenne was originally the vocalist/bassist in the Danish melodic punk/rock band Brats who released the album "1980" - and was later replaced by King Diamond, After that he started New Brats and followed the record companys advise to sing in Danish! Just after that Cheyenne started Geisha and released their only full lenght album "Phantasmagoria" in 1987.
=Y= played Sleaze/Glam rock and featured the talents of guitarist Oliver Steffensen (Ex White Lion/Freak of Nature/Spacehead), bassist Hal Patino (Ex King Diamond) and drummer Tony Niemistö (Ex Geisha) aka Tony Reno from EUROPE.
In 1991 they recorded the EP produced by Tommy Hansen in the Jailhouse Studios - and shortly after that Oliver Steffensen left and joined fellow Dane Mike Tramp in Freak of Nature and was replaced by Swen Rune Jensen (Ex Astral Sky).
But in 1992 =Y= began to record their first and only full lenth album and Oliver returned and Jensen joined Schizofrenic Circus. On the album Tommy Hansen produced and played some organ, too. And it sold very well especially in Germany. But nevertheless =Y= disbanded, Hal Patino joined Doctor Butcher, Oliver Steffensen formed Spaceheads and Yenz Cheyenne did a Kiss cover band and toured in Germany for years - as Paul Stanley.
Since 2001 Yenz Cheyenne has been in tour band with Lenny Wolfe's Kingdom Come as he now lives in Hamburg and in 2004 played the bass for Germans Iron Savior. He has been recording with bands like Anasthesia and Electric in Germany and for a couple of years he had his own record company SilverHead Records, which released some NU Breed, punk rock bands like Skeletor, Pigheaded and Gutbucket.
Oliver Steffensen has been fret board artist on miscellaneous albums by and toured with Mike Tramp.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
=Y= EP (click to enlarge)
=Y= (EP)
Sweet Kamikaze; Soul Home; Children of the Revolution; Flamethrower R&R; Bite The Bullet;.
Mega Records
=Y=EP 1
Rawchild (click to enlarge)
Sewer Textures;Rawchild; (She's a) Vertigo; Eagle (be my friend); Rebel ResurrXion; (live like a) Landslide; Livin' with the Gods; Bite the Bullet (Album version); The Cat; SheMale; Soul Home.
Mega Records
MRCD 3219

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