Jeff Watson
"Around the sun"

Frontiers Records FR CD 052 Streetdate: April, the 10th 2000

Jeff Watson - Around the sun Tracklisting: Glass Revenge; Life Goes On; Around The Sun; Follow; Anna Waits; Tight Rope; Leslie Ann; Man's Best Friend; Moment Of Truth; Shadows Of Winter; Serenity; Ghost Town; Ship Comes In.

Press from Frontiers Records 09-March-00: Over the past two decades, Jeff Watson has established himself as one of the most revolutionary and technically brillant guitarists in rock n' roll. Jeff originated the legendary "8 Finger Technique", which he has used to astound casual fans and professional musicians alike, whether it be on Night Ranger hits, on his awesome solo albums, or through his work with Mother's Army. Jeff's amazing talent has also made him a highly sought after session player, with the likes of Chris Isaak, Tony MacAlpine and Steve Morse. Overshadowed by his virtuoso axe-slinging, is Jeff amazing songwriting talent : one listen to songs like "Goodbye", "Let Him Run", "Around The Sun" and blazing rockers like the Night Ranger classic "New York Time", or Jeff's solo tune "Cement Shoes" are enough to testament his talent. Before Night Ranger, Jeff gigged around the Bay Area with his own band. It wouldn't be long, though, before Jeff hooked up with former Rubicon & Stereo members Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis, who, along with former Montrose/Sammy Hagar keyboardist, Alan Fitzgerald, would form Night Ranger. As Night Ranger's album sales grew, so did Jeff's reputation as one of the most talented guitarists in rock n' roll.
To this day, none have been able to truly duplicate Jeff's 8-finger shredding, though many have tried. In 1990, when Night Ranger broke up, after the "Man In Motion" tour, it didn't take Jeff long to get back to work. In 1992, Jeff was back on the scene with his first instrumental solo album "Lone Ranger". For his next solo album "Around The Sun", Jeff took a different approach. Of the tracks on this album, 12 of the 13 have vocals. The only instrumental being a tribute to Jeff's deceased dog Zeus.
Jeff brought in Kansas lead singer Steve Walsh for vocals on 5 tracks ("Life Goes On" ; "Around The Sun" ; "Anna Waits" ; "Tight Rope" and "Ship Comes In"), and tapped the Hagar family, this time Sammy's son Aaron, for vocals on "Glass Revenge" and "Moment Of Truth". The remaining vocal tracks feature superb leads by Jeff himself. In addition to solo work, Jeff has released 3 hard rocking albums as part of the supergroup Mothers Army, which also features Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Bob Daisley (Ozzy, Rainbow), Carmine Appice (King Kobra, Blue Murder), and most recently, Aynsley Dunbar (Journey, Jefferson Starship).

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