Jörn Lande

Frontiers Records FR CD 051 Streetdate: 28. August 2000

Jörn Lande - Starfire Tracklisting: Starfire; Edge Of The Blade; Break It Up; Forever Yours; The Day The Earth Caught Fire; Gate Of Tears; Burn; End Comes Easy; Just The Same; Abyss Of Evil.

Press from Frontiers Records 13-July-00: The debut solo album from the new MILLENIUM vocalist, Jorn Lande, best known for his work with VAGABOND, THE SNAKES and ARK, is the culmination of everything that Jorn has worked on so far and will showcase many of his influences as a singer and a songwriter.
This is no more apparent than in his choice of cover versions for the album, which also feature a host of special guest performers. The classic CITY BOY track, "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" (taken from the 1979 album of the same name) with guitar work supplied by Ronnie Le Tekro of TNT, "Edge Of The Blade" by JOURNEY (from 1983`s "Frontiers" opus) features lead guitar from Ralph Santolla of MILLENIUM. MILLENIUM`s other guitarist, Shane French, adds his touch to FOREIGNER`s "Break It Up" (from 1981`s "4" release). "Just The Same", a classic Jefferson Starship number features the likes of Jon Macaluso (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN / TNT) on rums, Tore Ostby (CONCEPTION / THE ARK) on guitar, Dag Stokke (TNT) on keyboards and Sid Ringsby (TIN DRUM / THE SNAKES) on bass. Finally, Jorn covers a track by the singer that he is most famous for being influenced by, David Coverdale, on his version of DEEP PURPLE`s "Burn" (from the 1974 album of the same name).
The originals on "Starfire" cover a range of styles, from the Zep influenced acoustic style of "End Comes Easy" to the heartfelt lyrical stance of the John Farnhamesque "Forever Yours" through to straight forward hard rocking a la DIO era Sabbath on cuts like "Gate Of Tears" and "Abyss Of Evil". With such a diversity of styles it could have easily been a mixed bag of an album, but the sheer quality of musicianship and the fact that Jorn possesses one of the finest hard rock voices to emerge in the past decade, guarantees that "Starfire" is a very special recording indeed.

© Steen Peitersen 2000