Frontiers Records FR CD 066 Streetdate: 06. November 2000

Millenium - featuring Jörn Lande Tracklisting: The Power To Love; Wheels Are Turning; Hourglass; No More Miracles; Superstar; Rocket Ride; I Will Follow; I Still Believe; Masquerade; Chasing Time.

Press from Frontiers Records 17-September-00: Ralph and Oliver met in early 1990 and decided to form a band together. Recruiting Keith Sterling, Shawn Phillips and Todd Plant - Eywitness was born. The band became a regular fixture on the Tampa Bay touring circuit, garnering a good name for themselves. Keith and Shawn left the band, and Steve Hodsen joined on bass. The band's demos (later to appear as the first Millenium album) were heard by Now & Then Records in the UK who were very impressed with the power and melody of Eyewitness. The band were immediately signed and recorded their eponymous debut album, which included sterling covers of UFO's 'Only You Can Rock Me' and Zeno's 'Far Away'. The album was released on the same day the band made their live UK debut at the Gods '95 in London. An unknown quantity at the time, the band went down a storm and their reputation was sealed.
The follow up album, 'Messiah Complex', was a deeper, more intense album which was not received as well as the debut. A misunderstood masterpiece, perhaps. The album was not released in Europe and the band subsequently re-invented itself, with Oliver's long-time friend Manfred Binder replacing Steve Hodson on bass. A name change was also decided upon so as to make it plain that the band was moving in a new musical direction. Millenium were committed to melodic hard rock and the debut album was released to great reviews. However, the rock world really started to take notice when 'Angelfire' was released in 1999. This album saw the band at their creative best and was universally hailed a melodic rock masterpiece. However, just as the album was released, lead vocalist Todd Plant received an excellent offer to join The Doobie Brothers - exit stage left.
The initial reaction was panic, but people at Now & Then remembered seeing The Snakes play live when they toured the UK. The vocalist was Norwegian Jörn Lande, and the guys had all been amazingly impressed with his vocal capabilities. Jörn was contacted and put in touch with Ralph Santolla. The creative sparks flew and the band knew they had found the perfect replacement.
An initial bunch of songs was recorded which was originally intended to form an EP, with 2 originals and 4 covers. However, such was the standard of all the songs that it was decided to keep the 2 originals for the follow up album as well as recording a whole album of cover versions.
'Hourglass' was recorded in America, Norway and the UK in the summer of 2000 and represents yet another step forward in the evolutionary growth of the band. Keyboards this time around were supplied by Don Airey (Rainbow, Whitesnake, Ozzy, Ten), Howard Helm (Zon, Refugee) and Dag Stokke (TNT). The resulting album is an amazing amalgam of classic rock in the Whitesnake / Rainbow vein along with instant pop / rock classics like 'Rocket Ride'. 'Hourglass' will be released in November 2000 with the covers album, tentatively titled 'Long Live Rock and Roll' due for release early 2001 with live European dates to follow.

Current line-up:

Jörn Lande (Norway) Lead Vocals
Ralph Santolla (USA) Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing vocals
Shane French (USA) Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar,
Manfred Binder (Austria) Bass Guitar
Oliver Hanson (Austria) Drums, Percussion.

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