• I will like to wish all you AOR-sters a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we will hopefully be able to cover the rock scene in Y2K - see ya!!
  • Good news from Z Records - BADLANDS have signed a deal for the &quotDusk"-album which will be released February 14th 2000.
  • CONTAGIOUS is a new Z Records project featuring STEVIE KENNY (vocals), DANNY DANZI (guitars), TONY MARSHALL (guitars), GED RYLANDS (keyboards), PAUL SIDEBOTHAM (bass) and CHRIS WRIGHT (drums) - they are expected to perform on the Z-2000 Rockshow in April.
  • Escape Music also announces that FIREFLY and CHANGE OF HEART are ready to launch their new records called "After the Fire" and "Continuum". The british label have also signed two new bands REBELLION and SHADOWLANDS - promising start for the new millenium!

  • A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!
  • Drummer CHUCK BONFANTE is out, BOBBY RONDINELLI (RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH etc.) is in the new superband SIGN OF LIFE.
  • Apparently DAVID COVERDALE, EDDIE VAN HALEN, MICHAEL CORTELLONI and BILLY SHEEHAN are working together - interesting!!!

  • If you want to see the cover and the tracks on HUGO's coming release called "Time on Earth" click here!

  • Frontiers Records has just sent out their releaseplan for Y2K - We can expect new stuff from HUGO in February, TWO FIRES & NORWAY in March, TEN & TEER in April, SIGN OF LIFE, TED POLEY & PANGEA in May, HEAVEN AND EARTH & THE VIEW at the end of the summer - besides the recordings from MASTEDON, MILLENIUM, STAN BUSH and, and, and ...
  • As mentioned in the releaseplan mighty THE VIEW featuring KEVIN CHALFANT, ROSS VALORY, TIM GORMAN, STEF BURNS and PRAIRIE PRINCE finally get their recordings from the 80's on CD - more good news are that the band has actually reformed!!
  • EUROPE will also reform - but just for 1 show!! New Years eve they will play two songs in Stockholm featuring both KEE MARCELLO and JOHN NORUM.
  • MARK/MARCIE FREE has plans to release some rare video and previously unreleased material through his/her website - check it out!!

  • The long awaited album from HUGO is called "Time on Earth" and is nearly completed - expect a release early 2000.
  • STUART SMITH has announced that his next record will be using the name HEAVEN & EARTH and will feature KELLY HANSEN, RITCHIE ONURI, RAY RODRIQUEZ and BJÖRN ENGELEN. The music is described as a mix of GIANT and HURRICANE - WOW!!
  • Danish prog-/symph-rockers ROYAL HUNT will release their latest opus one of these days called "Fear". This is their first with star-vocalist JOHN WEST joining ANDRÉ ANDERSEN and Co.
  • RICKY PHILIPS has finally settled for a name for his project - it's now called FRICTION and is suppossed to release an album April 2000.
  • TWO FIRES featuring KEVIN CHALFANT, JOSH RAMOS, KENNY ARONOFF and JIM PETERIK are assisted on the producing side by GEORGE TOTKO (ALIAS, XYZ...).

  • JEAN BEAUVOIR, frontman of CROWN OF THORNS has just released a sole-single available in France called "High on my Baby". The new COT album "Destiny Unknown" will hopefully be released in January!!
  • KINGDOM COME has a Best-of-CD out soon called "Balladesque".
  • BLUE ÖYSTER CULT will also release a combilation probably in February 2000 called "Don't fear the Reaper".

  • British rockers THUNDER have announced that they will split up after a UK-tour in December - what a petty!!
  • VAN HALEN have parted company with GARY CHERONE and after the split there are rumors on several newsgroups that SEBASTIAN BACH will be new front-man, but also MITCH MALLOY is mentioned and the return of both SAMMY HAGAR and DAVID LEE ROTH - now i'm just waiting for the announcement that DAVID COVERDALE, IAN GILLAN and BON SCOTT will be fronting the band.
  • Keyboard-legend DON AIREY (JETHRO TULL, GARY MOORE, RAINBOW, COZY POWELL,..) has joined forces with UK-rockers TEN.

  • JOHN NORUM, former EUROPE-axeman has an totally new album out in Japan primo November called "Level Six" and featuring NORUM taking care of all vocals too!
  • Good news to the Gods of Rock festival is that STUART SMITH is added to the Sundays bill - vocalist will be mighty Kelly Hansen. TWO FIRES featuring former STORM-mates Kevin Chalfant and guitarist Josh Ramos has announced a line-up for the occasion featuring BRENT MICHELL (keys), ALBY ODUM (bass) and KEVIN LATIMER (drums). Be there or be - sorry?
  • RICKY PHILLIPS hasn't yet come up with a name for a promising project for MTM. But It's wellknown that Neal Schon is involved with the songwriting - and maybe a little solo here and then??.
  • STUN LEER is heading towards the studios in November. Once again it will be with BOB ST. JOHN on the buttons with a little help from Nuno Bettencourt!!

  • TED POLEY has signed with Now&Then/Frontiers. The album that is expected early 2000 is supposed to be produced by MILLENIUM's RALPH SANTOLLA. Maybe we can hear bites on the Gods of Rock festival November 20??
  • Now its confirmed on the web-site that BILLY GREER (KANSAS) is the bass-player on superproject SIGN OF LIFE.
  • Look out for a new MATTHEW SWEET album "In Reverse" - first single out now "What Matters".
  • Former ROYAL HUNT frontman DC COOPER will join forces with PINK CREAM 69 as an opening act on a South American tour.
  • MICHAEL VESCARA (MALMSTEEN, LOUDNESS) has signed with Z Records. His newest "Windows" will be out during November.
  • DREAM THEATRE's new opus has a name: "Scenes from a Memory".

  • DEPARTURE on Escape Music are on the way with a new album called "Open your Mind" with vocalist DAVE BALDWIN. Later this year DAVE BALDWINS solo-record from last year may be re-released, also on Escape Music. Check for more information.
  • According to SFK TOMMY DENANDER is a very hard working man these days: He is recording with FERGIE FREDERIKSEN, TALK OF THE TOWN and his own band RADIOACTIVE. Besides that he has a project with BRUCE GAITCH called CRY and a band called PRISONER on Z-Records - nihil sine labore.

  • As I have mentioned before TYKETTO will be back - well, for the time being it seems that DANNY VAUGHAN on vocals, JAIME SCOTT on bass and drummer MICHAEL CLAYTON are set to reform under a new name, signing to Z Records - hmmm!.
  • VON GROOVE plans to release an acoustic "Best of" later this year on MTM.
  • Obviously THE CULT has signed for a two-album deal with Atlantic.

  • Frontiers Records & Now & Then Productions annuonces an interesting new super-group called SIGNS OF LIFE. It features the talents of TERRY BROCK (STANGEWAYS) on vocals, RANDY JACKSON (ZEBRA) on guitars, MARK MANGOLD (DRIVE SHE SAID) on Keyboards and CHUCK BONFANTE (DRIVE SHE SAID) on Drums. Well isn't that good news??
  • According to Portrait Records we can expect another supergroup featuring JACK BLADES, CC DEVILLE, MICHAEL LARDIE and BOBBY BLOTZER.
  • TEN guitarist VINNY BURNS will release his solo album "The Journey" on October 18. It contains vocals from band-mate GARY HUGHES as well as SAM BLUE.
  • MTM reports that KHARMA the group featuring singer GÖRAN EDMAN is in the mixing - JADED HEART is also in the finishing stage with producer BOBBY BARTH, and finaly the METROPOLIS album featuring STAN MEISSNER and PETE FREDETTE is ready to go!

  • Rumours says that TYKETTO and DANNY VAUGHAN has reunited - I hope!
  • September 14 is Q-day - official release date for the latest from QUEENSRYCHE without CHRIS DEGARMO. The album is called "Q2K" and the first single will be "Breakdown".
  • JIMMY PAGE and BLACK CROWES, will join forces for four shows this fall wich will include best-of-sets of both parts AND a classic jam session.

  • According to the DANGER DANGER website, the never released "Cockroach"will see the light of day soon in BOTH versiones (TED POLEY's and PAUL LAINE's). Their latest, "The Return of the Great Gildersleeves" is in the making and the tracklist is: Intro, Grind, When She's Good, Six Million Dollar Man, She's Gone, Dead Drunk & Wasted, Dead Dog, I Do, My Secret, Cherry Cherry, Get In The Ring, Walk It Like You Talk It. Expect a release in November.
  • MICHAEL MORALESí new one, "Thatís The Way" will be out soon on MTM.
  • Star-drummer TERRY BOZZIO has signed with Magna Carta. Expect something new next year.
  • ANGRY TEARS have recorded 10 out of the 12 songs they planned for an album planned to be finished late September and released on MTM.

  • STAN BUSH and SHOTGUN SYMPHONY are added to the lineup of Gods 99.
  • SHOTGUN SYMPHONY are also finishing work on their new album "Sea of Desire" and it's suppossed to be released November 8th on Frontiers/Now & Then.
  • MTM has several new bands to look out for this fall: STORYTELLER, ACT, REINGOLD, RAINE (with a song written by Steve Perry) and Jack Ponti's ANGRY TEARS.
  • Though recordlabel BlueStone has given up swedish HOUSE OF SHAKIRA has started work on a new album - there is a god.

  • Z Records has signed 24K, a band featuring Phil Naro, Mladen, Billy Sheehan and Peter Chriss - promising.
  • The title of the upcoming BRUCE DICKINSON live album is "Scream For Me". Look for a October-release.

  • The programme for Gods of 99 festival is according to Peter Sims Now and Then/Frontier as follows: Saturday 20th November BOB CATLEY, TED POLEY, MILLENIUM, TWO FIRES,NORWAY,DANTE FOX and AGE OF REASON. Sunday 21st November TEN, EMERALD RAIN,JOHNNY LIMA,TEER,JAIME KYLE, THE PROMISE and LOST WEEKEND. This event will take place at Maximes in Wigan, UK.
  • According to the SFK-newsletter DAVID COVERDALE is said to be working with Eddie Van Halen to possibly replace Gary Cherone as vocalist for a new project, is that the end of VAN HALEN? John Kalodner, meanwhile, is said to be trying to reunite John Sykes with Coverdale, as he is no longer working with Adrian Vandenberg.

  • MTM just signed ALFONZETTI. A new Swedish band based around the singer Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge and Skintrade). Alfonzetti will be recording their debut album during this fall in Stockholm. Probably classic melodic hardrock with "millenium feel". The band will include musicians from TREAT, TALISMAN and many other known Swedish hardrock acts.
  • Jimi Jamison has lost the rights to the name SURVIVOR, which is now owned by Frankie Sullivan and his boys.
  • Rumours has it that DOKKEN will record and release a live album and video later this year, I hope it will be in the same quality as "Beast from the East".
  • Now It is official!! Jon West (Artension, Sun Red Sun, Malmsteen etc.) is the new frontman/lead-vocalist for danish Prog/Pomp-rockers ROYAL HUNT. Plans are to release a Royal Hunt live album, with material taken from their previous live albums, "1996" and "Closing The Chapter".

  • BOB CATLEY is currently finishing his newest album, probably to be titled "Legends".
  • JOHN ELEFANTE's new album, "Defying Gravity" is now finished. Date for releasing the album is September 21, 1999.
  • NJ pomp rockers NORWAY have signed a two-album deal with Now and Then Records/Frontiers. The first album will be available in November.

  • TAKARA and JEFF SCOTT SOTO has parted company. Guitarist Neal Grusky is now looking for a suitable vocalists.
  • Guitarist Tony MacAlpine has joined a project called PLANET X. They hope to tour the USA in the autumn.
  • DREAM THEATER is mixing their new album, out in October. Meanwhile, vocalist James LaBrie has a new project on Magna Carta called Mullmuzzer, look out for a release in August .
  • HAREM SCAREM, first changed their name to RUBBER, now they have done it again - from now on they will be known as LEMON TARGET!!

  • Escape will be re-releasing Heartland's excellent second album "Wide Open" this month.
  • Swedish Hard Rock act Aces High has signed to Z Records.
  • Now & Then Productions are looking for a hot new vocal talent to join one of our existing acts who have an album completed and big interest building. The singer would be required to add their vocals to the album and be ready for touring the material in the Autumn. Stylistically we are looking for someone in the vein of such classic singers as David Coverdale, Dio, Glenn Hughes or Jeff Scott Soto. Interested parties should send promo packs (tapes, CDs, pictures, biography) to:

  • Mark Ashton,
    825 Atherton Road,
    Hindley Green,
    WN2 4SA,

  • Def Leppard's "Euphoria" album debuts on the Billboard USA Top 200 at nr.11, with 99.000 units sold.
  • Steelhouse Lane and their second album "Slaves Of The New World" will be released during the next weeks in Europe and later this summer in Japan. is very pleased - check it out.

  • Frontiers/Now & Then has signed a new band, TWO FIRES, featuring Kevin Chalfant and Josh Ramos (both ex- The STORM). The style of music is "powerful AOR in the vein of JOURNEY, SURVIVOR and DAMN YANKEES".
  • YES are currently finishing their latest, "The Ladder". YES features the line-up of Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Alan White, Billy Sherwood and Igor Koroshev. Sadly, this will also be the last project from the late producer Bruce Fairbairn who recently passed away.
  • The tracklist for the "The Best Of" DOKKEN released by Rhino: Breaking The Chains, Paris Is Burning, Into The Fire, Just Got Lucky, Alone Again, Tooth And Nail, The Hunter, In My Dreams, It's Not Love, Dream Warriors, Burning Like A Flame, Heaven Sent, Mr. Scary, Walk Away, Mirror Mirror and Too High To Fly.
  • Ted Poley has started working on a new record to be released around the New Year. It will NOT be Bonemachine, but a solo record. Recording will be done in Florida and mixing in England.

  • Escape are proud to present the signing of the finnish band CONQUEST. With a sound close to Stratovarius and Malmsteen, CONQUEST features Peter James Goodman (vocals), Tuomo Lassila (Drummer - ex Stratovarius), Heikki Warma (guitar) Marco Hietala (Bass) and Pate Kivinen (Keyboards). Their first album "Worlds Apart" on August 7th.
  • Watch out for the NEWMAN release! on Escape Music
  • The official release date for James Christian's "Rude Awakening" re-issue has been postponed to July 5th.

  • METROPOLIS on MTM are about to finish the recordings and Stan Meissner is finishing up the mixes of the album. Stan is very pleased with the it and he's happy that the melodic rock world finally will get the chance to hear singer Peter Fredette, one of Canadas finest vocalist. On MTM Compilation Preview I've heard the track called "Never Look Back" - and it's really catchy.
  • Also on MTM Beggars & Thieves are releasing their new effort "The Grey Album" . It's suppossed to be more melodic and less bluesy than their latest "Look What You Created".

  • DIO has once again hired guitarist Craig Goldy!
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