Street Legal

Frontiers Records FR CD 049 Streetdate: 6. March 2000

Street Legal - Thunderdome Tracklisting: Thunderdome; Chasing The Rainbow; Powertool; Calling For You; Wrong Side Of Town; Red Light District; Stranger In The Night; Will I Ever Love Again; Shadown Dance; In The Mood (For Your Love); Shine On; Follytown.

Press from Frontiers Records 01-February-00: The singer and bassplayer of STREET LEGAL, Bjørn Boge, was a member of the Norwegian AOR band DaVinci in the late 80s , enjoying several #1hitsingles on national radio, and pulling massive crowds through a heavy touring schedule. Tired of endless arguments over both business and musical direction, -it was time to build something from scratch. Together with drummer Bjørn Olav Lauvdal (BOL), Bjorn Boge created STREET LEGAL, and its alter ego Bad Sneakers. And BOL and Bjorn Boge shared the same vision: energy and melody-Balls with brains Motorhead meets the Eagles ! Heavily influenced by classic hard rock acts such as Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, UFO/MSG, OZZY and Van Halen, with no sign of grunge or other «alternative» musical directions, STREET LEGAL wanted to create something unique for the next millenium-a classy vintage hardrock band! Could this be done ? Yes indeed. But it was a long term project. Being the main man behind all vocal arrangements and backup vocals in Da Vinci, Bjørn Boge finally got tired of searching for a suitable singer for STREET LEGAL. After sharing the lead vocal duties in a rock´n roll band called Texas Twisters for a couple of years through the early 90s, he decided to give it a shot himself. Going through the usual lineup changes with different guitarplayers, STREET LEGAL finally ended up with the ultimate choice - Ken Ingwersen, guitarplayer extraordinaire, and experienced producer, too. Sharing the same vision of the ultimate vintage hardrock CD. The CD THUNDERDOME was a long one in the making for STREET LEGAL. Countless hours in the studio working on the vocalparts. (The drumtracks was done in three days !) The departure of the former guitarplayer just before mixing was about to begin. But when Ken finally joined the band things started to move real fast. The band decided to completely redo all the guitarparts, and it certainly lifted THUNDERDOME to a higher level of energy and sophistication ! If the studio side of STREET LEGAL was a time consuming and sometimes painful experience, -live was exactly the opposite ! Being professional musicians for a long time, STREET LEGAL kicks seriuos ass as a live act. Through the years the band had been doing countless gigs as a coverband through its alter ego Bad Sneakers. When the time was right they decided to unleash the beast -STREET LEGAL, as a live act too. The 21th of May 1999 STREET LEGAL played their first official gig. At Rockefeller-Norways biggest rockclub-as support act for W.A.S.P. In front of 1100 fans they completely outplayed W.A.S.P., where taken off stage after 5 songs,- and the press wrote rave reviews: - «Iron Maiden threatened Kiss in 1980, Clawfinger showed muscle before Anthrax in 1990, Skunk Anansie blew away Therapy? in 1995. In 1999 Street Legal outplayed W.A.S.P.» - Stig Myhre- NETTPULS. "Street Legal should be the next Norwegian act to make a remarkable impact on an international level" - Jan Dahle - SCREAM MAGAZINE. This was no coincidence. Bassplayer and singer Bjorn Boge had over a 1000 gigs under his belt as a professional musician. Both Ken and Bjorn Boge had been involved as musicians for among others super producer Ole Evenrud (A-TEENS, Trine Rein, The Tuesdays etc..) Bjorn Boge had even been the bassteacher of The Tuesdays bassplayer ! Ken is a respected producer and he has produced the latest TNT album and Ronnie Le Tekros soloalbum and other acts to numerous to mention. Together with BOL, the most hardhitting man in Norwegian music business , they make STREET LEGAL an exciting new act for the next century. STREET LEGAL will put every effort into being a moving force in the international hardrock community the next century !

© Steen Peitersen 2000