Frontiers Records FR CD 044 Streetdate: 23. October 2000

Teer - A debut hammer! Tracklisting: Heaven's Not Enough; Sadie; Romeo; Man Of The World; Vampire's Lullaby; Tell Me It's Over; Monday Mourning; Heart On A String; Beggin'; Pride.

Press from Frontiers Records 17-September-00: Florida-based band Teer has been writing and recording quality melodic hard rock since the fall of 1992. Even though the genre of music Teer specializes in playing lost a lot of it's popularity in the United States around that time, the band continued in search of a recording contract in other countries. This search eventually led them to Ralph Santolla, guitarist of Millenium, who produced a demo that was submitted to Now and Then Productions. Teer signed with Now & Then/Frontiers in 1998 and began working on material for their debut CD.
The album features the band's incredible songwriting and serve as a worldwide introduction to the awesome chemistry of Teer, as well as the individual talents of each member. A solid rhythm section and tight guitarwork are contrasted with soaring vocals and lead guitar on Teer's eponymous CD, giving the band an instantly recognizable sonic signature.
Teer combines many influences in its guitar driven songs. Traces of the Beatles, Journey, Night Ranger, Tesla, Firehouse, TNT, Queensryche, and Guns N' Roses all come together in this unique sounding quintet. Teer is a versatile band that brings something to the table for fans of all different factions of AOR and melodic hard rock.
Along the journey from "unsigned band" to "international recording artist" Teer has fine-tuned its live show as well as its songwriting skills. Their live set is influenced by such high-energy acts as Skid Row and Kiss. Teer strongly believes in putting on a memorable show for its fans and keeping the audience captivated while on stage. The band's greatest accomplishment live was performing at Livestock 9, an annual rock festival headlined by Sammy Hagar and Slash's Snakepit, where they were embraced by the crowd of almost 20,000. Teer was also incredibly well received at GODS concert last year in the United Kingdom. POWERPLAY magazine even stated that they had made the biggest impact of any new act at the show ever!
Teer is comprised of drummer John Teer, bassist Don Crandall, Guitarists Shane French and Nathan Boone, and vocalist / keyboardist Dan Michaels. With their album completed and ready for an October release, a second performance at THE GODS planned for November 4th and over half of their follow up album already written, TEER are set to become quickly established as one of the brightest new stars in the melodic rock firmament.

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