Reviews August/03

Feed The Rhino / I like It / 643157171522


Feed The Rhino - catchy independent hard rock! Tracklisting:I like It; Gettin' It; Better than that; Healing; breaking down these Walls; Think for yourself; Dreamer; Little Darling; Right here right now; Story's Bar; Everyone knows.

Feed The Rhino is a well experienced band formed back in 1999 with members from bands like Loud & Clear, World on Fire and Renegade. "I like It" is their debut album - and as so far released independently with the band in full control - from songwriting, to mixing and artwork!
Feed The Rhino features the talents of Joe Cutrera on vocals, Joe Kelly on guitars, Arthur Papanastasiou on guitar, Mark Allerdyce on bass and Mark Massey on drums - and as it says in the press material: "..each member possesses a high level of musical skill an contributees to the unique chemestry and songwriting of the band."
The band is based in Hyde Park, New York and plays powerful melodic rock with a modern sound and catchy though heavy riffs and a rough lead vocal - the perfect mix of AOR and biker rock! The album is very good - and some tracks stick out like the powerful "Better than that" with a AC/DC kindda intro and a hummable chorus but also the more quiet "Healing" with its acustic intro is a monster ballad especially with the tasty guitar solo in the middle section!
This a very catchy piece of hard work - get it now. I hope that this little band gets a little attention - they deserve it!

Silent Edge / The Eyes of the Shadow / DVS009


Silent Edge - Progressive debut from Holland! Tracklisting:Through different Eyes; Savage Symphony; Wasted Lands; The Curse I hold within; Crusades; For ancient Times; Lost Conscience; Under a shaded Moon; Rebellion; Rebellion (The Awakening).

Imagine a mix of Royal Hunt, Symphony X and Dream Theater that may sum the essence of Dutch debut artists in Silent Edge. But don't get me wrong - the band is very much it's own master, with the thrilling mixture of power, melody, progression, symphonic behavior and unique musical skills.
The line-up is Willem Verwoert on vocals, Emo Suripatty on guitar and bass, MInggus Gaspersz on keyboards and Marco Kleinnibbelink on drums. And all musicians are very well teined and "Eyes of the Shadow" contains 10 powerful progressive orientated metal compositions, which are based on classical arrengements combined with heavy-metal orientated guitars and a variety of tmpo changes - but all compositions kepp in touch with the melodic expression. The group members technical wizardry is balanced by sperical ballads and instrumental intermezzos. All of this provided with strong and melodic vocals that spands to falsetto (on the first track "Through different Eyes").
There are several memorable tracks here like me mention: "Savage Symphony" with it huge and massive guitars and crytal clear vocals - very powerful and the epic "Wasted Lands" with the slow and heavy intro with a grat production.
My overall impression of this album is that it is very impressive that debutants are ready to relase such a quality product - "Eyes of the Shadows" are crystal clear and powerful in both production and music - and BTW managed by Intromental Management in Copenhagen!

Zero Hour / Metamorphosis / Sensory Rec. 3020


Zero Hour - Californian progressive metal! Tracklisting:Eyes of Denial; The System remains; Rebirth; Voice of Reason; A Passage; Metamorphosis: I. Descent II. Awaken III. Union IV. Solace V. Ascent; Eyes of Denial (demo version); Jaded Eyes (demo).

Zero Hour is hailing from the classic San Francisco Bay Area scene - the twin brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton believed in the metal music. They created a band that envisioned a dark, heavy emotional vibe expressed through intricate arrangements, forceful vocals and meaningful lyrics!
The band is Jasun Tipton on guitars, Troy Tipton on bass, Mike Guy on drums and Eric Rosvold on vocals - beides that the keyboards is handled by Matt Guillory and Phil Bennett. The music is combining the atmospheric drama of bands like Fates Warning, but also the theatrical excitement of Queensr˙che and the power of Dream Theater - so if you are into that kind of musical challenge - please sit down and have a beer or two - and let the music play loud

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