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Fatal Attraction / Simplicity Rules / Adrenaline Records ADR 0022


Fatal Attraction - Melodic rock from Sweden! Tracklisting:Simplicity Rules; Head above the Water; Feel the Fire; Anything it takes; In the Heart of my Soul; Stay on the Line; valleys of Heaven; Modern World; Silver Son; Perfect Dream; Unknown World; Third Anthem.

Up until now Fatal Attraction has mostly been well known in homeland Sweden - but also managed to stir some action in Japan - like many other Scandinavian melodic acts. In 1996 they released their first full length album called "End of regulation Time". On their debut the influences reahed from jazz to symphonic rock. Experimental and playful as a debut should be.
Now with the new album "Simplicity Rules" the sound has become more heavy and tight. Fatal Attraction is Anders Fältsjö on vocals, Tomas Nilsson on guitar, Patrick Eriksson on keyboards, Magnus Petersson on bass and Mattias Sjögren on drums - who replaced Per Sandlund.
From the very first strokes on the title track this Swedish fivesome combines the fluid melodies from other Scandinavian acts like Skagarack and/or Amaze Me with the experimental passages from progmasters Saga and/or Swedish fellows A.C.T. and all in all it is a very varied experience listen to the 12 tracks. There are no fillers here but some of my favorites must be the acustic guitar driven "Head above the Water", the more rockier sing-along "In the Heart of my Soul" with a choir work in world class! But also the spheric "Valleys of Heaven" with an intro reminding me of Cher - but don't pull this album out of the player before hearing the absolute highlight "Third Anthem"! Here melody and musical skills in top class goes hand in hand.
As a Dane i will envy the Swedes all these talents - and as an AOR music lover i will look forward to the next Fatal Attraction album.

Doc Holliday / Good Time Music / SPV 085-59632


Doc Holliday - Southern Boogie is back! Tracklisting:Black Cat; Highway Call; Farmer's Tan; Magnolia; Trudy; Good Time Music; I can't see you; Simple Man; It suits me too; Messiah.

Doc Holliday hails from the very very south of US of A - Macon, Georgia to be more precise and plays sweaty southern boogie rock on the highest level. And like other cool bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet and Stevie Ray Vaughan (R.I.P) they know exactly what they can. And Bruce Brookshire on vocals and several guitar forms, Daniel Bud Ford on the bass, Danny Cadillac Lastinger on drums, Eddie Stone on keyboard/organ and John T. Samuelson on lead guitar play their own a** off on a very authentic and delicate way!
This is their 6th album - and the first in 10 years ("Son of the Morning Star" was released in 1993) but like the first two ones, the self titled debut from 1981 and "DH Rides again" from 1982 "Good Times Music" contains a hatfull of memorable and hummable southern classics like opener "Black Cat" and the car friendly "Farmers Tan" (be carefull with the right foot here!) and the acustic "Magnolia" all very recognizable with the hoarse voice of Mr. Brookshire and the great partnership with organ and guitar that constantly bring the best out in eachother and are ready to put up with anyone that dares- like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp against the James' or whoever! (sorry)
The band delievered 3 highly successful shows in Hamburg - they are very popular in Europe - with Saxon and Manfred Mann. So if you haven't seen Doc Holliday on the biker scene around Europe and/or USA yet please search for a Harley Davidson Festival or something and be ready to rock!

Dokken / Japan Live '95 / T&T TT00592


Dokken - Live in Japan '95 Tracklisting:Tooth and Nail; When Heaven comes down; Into the Fire; Kiss of Death; Shadow of Life; The Maze; Long Way home; Breaking the Chains; Unchain the Night; Nothing left to say; I will remember; Alone again; Mr. Scary; It's not Love.

Dokken is captured live in their (almost) prime in Tokyo at Kosei Nenkin Hall 1995!
The line up on the recordings is the "classic" #2 featuring Don Dokken on vocals and guitar, George Lynch on guitar, Jeff Pilson on the bass and "Wild" Mick Brown on drums. And since the record is from 1995 the tracks include all hits from the first successful era from "Breaking the Chains" (which originally had Juan Cruzier on bass) anno 1982, "Tooth and Nail" anno 1984, "Under Lock and Key" anno 1985 to "Back for the Attack" anno 1987 besides some tracks from the re-united Dokken who released the album "Dysfunctional" in 1995.
I have always had a soft spot for the CD's from the first era - especially the guitarlicks from Mr. Scary Lynch has a special place in my musical "education". My favorite Dokken album is "Back for the Attack" and my favorite live album is the double album "Beast from the East" from 1988 - and "Japan live 1995" hasn't changed that fact! ....alright this is not a bad album - but i think the production, the vocals and especially the atmosphere is a lot better on the before mentioned live CD from 1988.
But, by all means if you only (like me) have the original recordings on vinyl this is absolute a good opportunity to refresh you old memories regarding a melodic hard rock band from the golden era of cock-rock! Don Dokken has a significant vocal, and the choir work from the high pitched Jeff Pilson goes very well along the powerful drumming by Mick Brown and the absolutely breathtaking licks and fills from George Lynch. You never do wrong here!

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