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Parber & Kerstein / Once in a Lifetime (single) / Par/Ker 0011


Parber & Kerstein working with Ashly Mulford Tracklisting:Once in a Lifetime; Triathlon 2001 Anthem; Once in a Lifetime (instrumental).

The Danish AOR/Westcoast duo Parber & Kerstein had spent the last 10 years writing songs for the Danish edition of European Song Contest. This year they had the song "Drømmer om dig" (Dreamin' of you) sung by Kenny Lübcke (Ex Narita and Zozer Mez). But on this single called "Once in a Lifetime" they have blown new life in the co-work with former keyboard player from Skagarack Tommy Rasmussen. Mr. Rasmussen played keyboard and acustic piano way back on Parber & Kerstein's debut from 1991 called "Stories from the Heart" which had some very good songs in a very fine production from Morten Munch - former bassist with Skagarack - the album had a AOR Westcoast touch not far away from Skagarack, only with a softer touch, though!
This time around they have left the style demanded by European Music Contest and returned to the more epic and big production - and "Once in Lifetime" have THE characteristics that I ever imagined a Triathlon anthem should have. The ITU Triathlon Championship will take place on the 4th - 5th August in Fredericia in Denmark. The song is written with British guitarist Ashly Mulford who had made himself a career with Sad Café and Mike & The Mecanics. I like the saxophone solo in the middle by Jesper Grochy.
Jan Parber & Jes Kerstein have announced that they will re-release their debut with some bonus tracks added - so the futere seems bright - and personally I will love the re-release, because I had trouble getting their debut in the first place!

Kick / Sweet Lick of Fire / NO3522


Kick - Sweet Lick of Fire Tracklisting:Kaleidiscopic Eyes; Inhibition; Sweet Lick of Fire; Time; Born Again; Behind closed Doors; Where I belong; Praying for the Day; So help me God; Painless; The greatest Show on Earth.

Kick is the brainchild of the two brothers Chris and Mickey Jones - who plays guitars and bass in this outfit formed in London 1997. After having played in various bands such as XL and Freefall they formed Kick with vocalist Nick Workman and Ollie Cunningham on keyboards and Adam Schunker on drums, who has been replaced by Benjamin Reed on this one!.
Their music is influenced by Skin, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and G.U.N. - and along the way they have been supporting Hard Rain, Bonfire, Thunder and Vaughn.
"Sweet Lick of Fire" is the bands second release - the first was called "Consider this..." and was released in 1999, and had stirred enough touble to be highly praised among several hard rock and melodick rock papers and web-sites. This album has a wider range than the previous one. The heavier songs are certainly a lot tougher then on "Consider this...", and the lighter songs are more radio friendly. The band has chosen Andy Reilly as producer. He has worked with Thunder, Skin, FM and more recently Gothic Moonspell from Portugal, so together they have created a very slick sound as well as the far more raw textures.
On the album there are the heavier songs such as "Inhibition", Behind closed Doors" and the epic "The greatest Show on Earth" but combined with the lighter ones such as "Painless", "Time" and the beautiful "Where I belong".
Because of the variety the band has created a wide collection of styles and each track has its own identity, both in atmosphere and in lyric content. So if you there are times when you just want to blow your head out, or conversely, if your mood prefers something with a more gently vibe - Kick has made THE record for 2001.

Fanfields / A fans' tribute to TOTO / Independent


Fanfields - A TOTO tribute Tracklisting:Endless; Child's Anthem; All us boys; St. George and the Dragon; Take my Hand; Home of the Brave; I will remember; I'll supply the love; White Sister; A secret Love; Hey little Girl.

Fanfields started out as a project among hardcore Toto fans on a mailinglist back in 1997. These fans and musicians decided to record a number of songs as a tribute to Toto.
It quickly became a very serious project around Dutsch guitar player Michael Risenbeck who produced almost all the tracks, too. I was very surprised when I first heard this record - a tribute band from all over the world meeting only because of their common interest in Toto songs and making a non-commercial album? - but I must say, the album sounds GREAT!
The songs are (of course) great and well known but the musicianship and production as well is outstanding. Especially the fine vocal work was surpriseng to me. Lars Säflund does a pretty nice cover of "Endless" and Fergies original vocals could cut very thick glass!!
As I said before the whole thing is based on fans work from all over the world and the only person who I already had heard of before is Phil Vincent - who contributes with versions of"White Sister" and a Bobby Kimball track "Hey little Girl" which in fact was never recorded by Toto only played live on several occasions.
Besides these tracks I like the guitar work as well as the drum and vocal parts on "Home of the Brave" - lead vocals split between Dutch vocalist Gert Kraayenzang and a girl named José Bosschers and works very well indeed. But here the real star is guitar player Michael Risenbeck who not ripp off Lukathers very unique sound but manages to add some personal style and sound into this great track!
If you want to support these guys contact Michael Risenbeck - I have the first edition is already sold out, so don't hesitate!

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