Reviews from July/99


Any Day Now / Millenium / MTM 199677


ANY DAY NOW - Millenium. The almost legendary keyboard-wizzard from Canada Stuart Zaltz is back - and he is still good.
He used to be in Wall Of Silence and The Works. This time around he has joined forces with Al Langlade, who has been working with Saga's Ian Crichton on his latest solo album "Ghettos By Design".
This debut offers a very good showcase of Canadian melodic Rock with the focus on the keyboards. But it also hits a slightly progressive touch an reminds me of Saga's "Wildest Dreams". The relation with Saga is not so strange because Ian Crichton both produced "Millenium" and manages to put a few guitar-tracks on it too.
As for the other players appering on the the debut includes Jo Peeres who has been recording with Zaltz before, having played several sessions, and Canadian sessionguitarist Kevin Briggs.
This is a sure check for for AOR-lovers, who likes keyboardbased soft AOR/rock with a progressive touch.


Euphoria / At the speed of light / MTM 199678


EUPHORIA - At the Speed of Light. Euphoria is a sure powerplant based around the very talented vocalist and frontman Sean Westman. He once met producer/writer/multi-instrumentalist Don Cromwell who was very active in the band Ransom. These two capacities were joined in the by some of the L.A.'s finest guitarist: Gene Black, who has been working with Robin MacAuley and is now a leading force in EUPHORIA, but also Dave Amato from REO Speedwagon and Tommy Girvin from Eddie Money were invited to party in Cromwells studio.
Drummer Russel Dean Burke made the line-up complete.
"At the speed of light" is a terrific expecience of guitar-driven powerful commercial FM-rock, with the focus on strong hooklines and of course Sean Westman's high pitched vocals.
The voice is in fact very strong and leaves the impression that Steve Perry and Geoff Tate has joined forces - a perfect mix of classic AOR and more metal-strength - and that is very original, I think.
A good offer to all lovers of AOR and appeal to metalfans too.


Jesse's Powertrip / Not so Innocent / MTM 199664


JESSE'S POWERTRIP - Not so Innocent. A very catchy title "Not so Innocent" - because this is a very good INNOCENT mrk II with singer Jesse Bradmann, David Sikes on bass and Bob Gilles on the guitar. And here they feel they are in total control on the recordings - and they are 3 very experienced gentlemen who has been working with Night Ranger, Aldo Nova, Giuffria and Boston.
On the record they sound very diverce with songs co-written with among others John Waite, Jonathan Caine, André Pesis and Bob Marlette.
They deliver a perfect blend of hard rock focused on guitar-power like Y&T, Tesla an with an updated vital nerve.
On the album they are joined by Ritchie Kotzen an Frank Hannon an they sound great.
A must for all lovers of hard rock, but they also appeal to AORsters with their big ballads!!.