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Journey / Arrival / Columbia 498479 2


Journey - Arrival Tracklisting:Higher Place; All the Way; Signs of Life; All the Things; Loved by you; Livin' to do; World gone wild; I got a Reason; With your Love; Lifetime of Dreams; Live and breathe; Nothin' comes close; To be alive again; Kiss me softly; We will meet again.

I was pleasently surprised when I put Journey's "Arrival" in my CD player - of course it had a lot of attention because of the delay, the Japanese version, the MP3 tracks, and ...., but I had my second thought because of their "Trial by Fire" - it was very hyped , too and was a musically flop to me.
But "Arrival" has everything that its prodecessor hasn't - energy, power, good melodies and inspired musicians. It is the first full length recording with new singer Steve Augeri and he is backed up by Neal Schon on guitars, Ross Valory on bass, Jonathan Cain on keyboards and Deen Castronovo on drums - a classic line up with fresh blood.
Steve Augeri has proved his abilities in Tyketto and he has a lot more power and passion than Steve Perry - even though Perry on top of his career was one of favorites!
"Arrival" is produced by Kevin Shirley and he made an excellent job - because the album features some powerfull tracks in a very good order, mixing the up beat tracks with the emotional ballads, all delivered with competence and joy. Most tracks are written by Schon and Cain with "special guests" like Augeri and Jack Blades. And some of my favorites are the rather fast "Higher Place", the emotional "With your Love" and the rocky "I got a Reason".
My only complaint on this album is the length - there are to many fillers and some of the 15 tracks could be cut out and 10 tracks had been fine with me - but the album is 74 minutes long. But all in all it has been worth waiting for this one - it is by far better than "Trial by Fire" and personally I like this on better than "Raised on Radio".

Megadeth / The World needs a Hero / Metal-Is Records MISCD006


Megadeth - featuring Al Pitrelli Tracklisting:Disconnect; The World needs a Hero; Moto Psycho; 1000 Times Goodbye; Burning Bridges; Promises; Recipe for Hate...Warhorse; Losing my Senses; Dread and the fugitive Mind; Silent Scorn; Return to Hangar; When.

Megadeth has never been one of my favorites but since around 1990 with the album "Rust in Peace" they had connections to the melodic rock scene - Marty friedman on guitars, later they got Dan Huff to produce 2 albums and now guitar slinger Al Pitrelli and drum ace Jimmy DeGrasso are in the line up.
The US band was an early pratitioner of thrash metal and along with Metallica gained commercial and critical success. Mastermind/guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine and bass player David Ellefson has with Pitrelli and DeGrasso returned to a more solid mix of pure metal. "The world needs a Hero" is written mostly on their last tour - and I think the power and joy of playing is captured in the 12 tracks. Mustaine is as always full of sarcasm and cynicism but is now not a "problem child" as earlier on - he is now a married family man and has more control over his life.
Some of the good tracks are title track "The World needs a Hero" and "1000 Times goodbye" and the angry "recipe for Hate". But on the record there is also a sequel to "Hangar 18" from 1990 and it is called "Return to Hangar" and is also great.
I don't know if I ever get to listen to an entire Megadeth record without getting tired and exorsted with the screaming guitars - i miss some ballads - but then again, Mustaine with tears in his eyes or in candle light .... NOT!

Lizard / Southern Steel / 4042588 00004


Lizard - Southern Steel Tracklisting:Money World; My Fears are gone; River; I'm a Man (part 1); I'm a Man (part 2); Boys are on the Road; Wanted; Spider Woman; One of these Days; Ohio; Bayou; Lonesome Guitar (live).

Lizard is a German edition of the melodic sides of .38 Special, the bluesy sides of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the production of Molly Hatchet.
In fact this German 6 piece featuring Georg Bayer on vocals, Christoph Berner on guitar, Volker Dörfler on guitar, Klaus Brosowski on keyboards, Andi Kemmer on bass and Helmuth Kipp on drums has played with Wishbone Ash, Krokus, Zakk Wylde and Jethro Tull - and made a tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with Doc Holliday.
The bands story started back in 1991 when Georg Bayer with another line-up recorded an album called "Rock'n Roll Refugees" - but the band broke up. Then Mr. Bayer founded the project Borderline with former Whitesnake duo Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden - but they never toured!
The current line up was founded in 1995 and has found a nieche here and bringing up memories of The Allmann Brothers! Some of my favorite tracks are the opener "Money World" and the sometimes grand "I am a Man part 1 and 2" - but my first choice on this album must the bands live edition of the Doc Holliday classic "Lonesome Guitar"!
So if you are into southern boogie rock with a dusty feeling - Lizard is a good choice!

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