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Pagan's Mind / God's Equation / LMP 0711-103 CD


Pagan's Mind - Norwegian progressive Metal! (click to enlarge) Tracklisting:The Conception; God's Equation; United Alliance; Atomic Firelight; Hallo Spaceboy; Evolution Exceed; Alien Kamikaze; Painted Skies; Spirit Starcruiser; Farewell; Osiris' triumphant Return.

Pagan's Mind made their big entrance on the progressive metal scene with "Infinity Divine" and "Celestial Entrance" that made their music heard even outside of Norway - the debut was produced by Ronny Le Tekro and actually re-released with the excellent remix by Tommy Hansen. In 2005 PAGAN’S MIND released "Enigmatic: Calling" that reached number 15 in Norwegian album charts!?
Pagan's Mind still consissts the talents of Nils K. Rue on vocals, Jorn Viggo Lofstad on guitars, Ronny tegner on keyboards, Steiner Krokmo on bass and Stian Kristoffersen on drums. Every single one exceptionel on their "instrument".
The album starts out with a little instrumental track called "The Conception" - this is the hors d'ovre for title track "God’s Equation", a song that defines the very soul and essence of Pagan's Mind lot of progressive ingredients mixed with equal amounts of melodic and hard rock riffs - great chorus and of course an excellent production. But also "United Alliance" or Bowie-cover "Hallo Spaceboy" are all great stuff. My favorite track on this album must be the melodic though brutal "Evolution Exceed" - which reminds me of Per Henriksens vocals fromthe late edition of Fate - great keyboard, too!
"Farewell" is another instrumental piece with excellent fret work - i thought that this would end the record... but some of the best was yet to come! It is only the foreplay for the magnificent "Osiri’s Triumphant Return" which ticks almost 9 minutes of sheer progressive power. What a finale...
Pagan's Mind has established themselves as one of the great contenders of previous music formed by bands like Hammerfall, Dream Theater and Queensr˙che. "God’s Equation" is one hell of a great album.

Seven Tears / In every frozen Tear / FR PR CD 357


Seven Tears - Swedish youngsters! (click to enlarge) Tracklisting:Twist of Fate; Faded Memory; Hollow Ground; Reflections; All alone; In every frozen Tear; Sorrows; Prayer for the Dying; The Story Unfolds; Dream of Insanity; Fragments; Truth of Tomorrow.

Seven Tears is the brainchild of 5 young Swedes Zoran Djorem on vocals, Jonathan Carlemar on guitars, Fredrik Lager on bass, Kristofer von Wachenfeldt on keyboards and Michael Sjoo on drums. And their record "In every Frozen Tear" is the almost perfect blend of Scandinavian melodic power metal and classic AOR.
It’s a much more mature album than one could expect just by viewing their picture on their website - hey, they could be my children!? ;-)
The album is attimes great - and as a debut i must say that it is more than decent. Tracks like opener "Twist of Fate", the grand "Hollow Ground" and melodic mayhem "Reflections" all has the right trademarks of a quality album - great melodies, great hooks and super vocals and a blistering guitar solo.
So - if you (like me) is a sucker for emlodic Scandinavian rock - with progressive undertones Seven Tears is right up your alley.

Lynn Allen / And the Horse you rode in on / ESM 163


Lynn Allen - the band is Billy Peiffer, Hal Williamson and Mark Dekalb! (click to enlarge) Tracklisting:I will if you will; Enough to make me sober; Warning Shot; Leaving Las Vegas; Michelle; Would It hurt you; Mine; What she's doing; Tonite is alright; How Long.

According to an Urban Dictionary Alice said to her boss (when she was fired):"F*** you and the Horse you rode in on". It is also the title of an excellent album by Iowa rockers Lynn Allen.
Originally formed in 1982 by lead vocalist/guitarist and sole remaining original member Billy Pfeiffer, the band has so far released 5 studio albums - but exsisted for 25 years!? And i can't say that I ever heard of them... but that is definitely my mistake.
I can't exactly come up with any phrase or genre that defines Lynn Allen. But Billy Peiffer, Hal Williamson on bass and Mark dekalb on drums gives me several kicks with the riff based melodic and rather speedy hard rock. Great.
It is hard to point out single tracks as favorites, but album opener “I Will If You Will”, “Leaving Las Vegas” and/or "Would it hurt you" all have their infectious grooves, great choir work and happy-go-lucky attitude. A bit like Blink 182 meets Ted Nugent meets Men At Work. The production is a bit "dated" - but hey, it's only rock n roll. And it is authentic! I really hope that this little gem (both band and record) will find the way to the European scenes - i love this!!!

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