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Meat Loaf / Couldn't have said it better / Polydor 076038-2


Meat Loaf - Back with a Vengeance! Tracklisting:Couldn't have said it better; Did I say that; Why isn't that enough; Love you out loud; Man of Steel - INTERMEZZO - Testify; Tear me down; You're wright,I was wrong; Because of you; Do it!; Forever young + Mercury Blues as hidden track.

Meat Loaf has done it again - after almost 8 years since the last studio effort "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" he proves that after 30 years in the music bizz he is one heavy guys - in every sence of the word!. This album features all the classic Meat Loaf features like big anthems, big choruses all in a superb production by Peter Mokran with magnificent arrangements with a blast in vocal and theatrical performance.
One of the most interesting things on this record is the fact that Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has co-written several songs. It starts out with the grand title track - and it reminds me of "I'd lie for you" from "Welcome to...". It is a mini musical with several tempo changes and a dramatic Patti Russo to supply with a female part. But the whole first part (until the Intermezzo-penny whistle) is classic Loaf-stuff - with most arrangements made by Todd Rundgren, drums by Kenny Aronoff, bass by Kasim Sulton and guitars by Michael Thompson/Tim Pierce - and a duet with his own daughter Pearl on "Man of Steel" and a Diane Warren penned 3rd single "You're right, I was wrong".
But also the second part which is more "modern" - not in a groundbreaking way - but in the world of Meat Loaf tracks like "Because of you" - could be Bon Jovi and "Do it!" could be Def Leppard anno "Slang"! If he ever takes this load of songs to the streets i think the country/rock sing-a-long song "Testify" is a must - so is hard rocker "Tear me down" - and don't push the album out of your player before you've heard David Lindley's "Mercury Blues" in a turbo gasoline injected version!
I guess this record will not do any changes to either friends nor enemies of the Meat Loaf-genre. The fans (like me) will drink every drop of it and is thrilled like always. But the enemies will have more fuel to the big bonfire - because it is as always big, BIGGER, MEAT LOAF!

S.I.N. / Somewhere Into Nowhere / MTM 0681-80


S.I.N. - German/British Somewhere Into Nowhere! Tracklisting:Crucified; Throwing it all away; Somewhere Into Nowhere; All of my Heart; Learning to live; Freefalling; I know; A new Tomorrow; Rain; All or nothing.

S.I.N. is a result of the collaboration between German guitarist Deddy Andler and British singer Jason Marks. They started the band in the end of July 2002 - to be precise. At the time they were both standing at a musical crossroad. The name Somewhere Into Nowhere should express the step into the unknown and the beginning of a new musical adventure!
The line-up was completed with bass player Wolfgang Frank and drummer Alexander Hlousek in February 2003 - a quite new thing, actually! But I must say - the result of the debut by this rather young and fresh quartet is breathtaking. The voice of Mr. Marks is high pitched and crytal clear, and the music is powerfull, emotional and authentic - spiced up with great choruses, too. From time to time there is a very significant German vibe to the melodies - and I feel like listening to the fine works of Bonfire or other great German bands around 1990 - and the sound and production is just as good. In fact the whole album is driven by great melodies wrapped in a powerfull production by Andler/Frank and the outstanding voice of Jason Marks...!
The whole album is memorable - filled with catchy riffs and "mind-sneaking melodies" as the info material reveals. But a few tracks stands out - the first is opener "Crucified" with a good riff, thundering drums and a catchy chorus. "Freefalling" is little trasure, too with a great guitar riff to start it all up - great song. But there is always left some space to some more mellow tracks like the piano driven (almost Queensr˙che-esque) "I know" - a memorable track.
May this British/German foursome be the next stars of the "New Wave of Melodic Hard Rock" - they have a clear starpotential, I hope they will take their music to the streets before to long!

Hughes Turner Project / 2 / MTM 0681-81


Hughes and Turner - Another milestone! Tracklisting:Revelation; Alone I breathe; Losing my Head; Going my Way; Hold; Lost Dreams; Time and Time again; Goodbye Friday; Burning the Sky; Sofie; Let's talk about it later.

HTP 2 is exactly what I've expected from the gentlemen Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes - after the successfull first album and the "follow-up" "Live In Tokyo" a sold out tour thoughout Europe.
Again the two Monsters of Rock has teamed up with guitarist J.J. Marsh and drummer Shane Gaalaas - Vince DiCola on keyboard has been changed to Ed Roth, and like on the first album they have invited some guest stars, too this time it is Steve Vai who plays the solo on "Losing my Head", Jeff Kollman who plays the guitar outro on "Burning the Sky" and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith who is punishing the skins on the track "Losing my Head".
The tracks on "2" is a bit more modern arranged than on the first one - the album has been produced by the two lead role players assisted by Mark Wexler - maybe that is the reason!? I must say that I like nearly all tracks here - like the first one I have aserious problem with Hughes falsetto - but... after 5 tracks with lot of power track #6 "Lost Dreams" is a real hammer and the more mellow ballad "Time and Time again" (sung by Turner) are two tracks that will be in my CD player - and mind - for a while, they are great!
If you are a fan of classic rock - and also of the more modern funky tracks HTP 2 is a must - i liked it very much, indeed!

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