Harlot was born out of the ashes of Danish heavy rock act Witch Cross which was one of the leading bands here back then. Singer Alex Savage (aka Alex Nyborg Madsen) and Michael Koch (formerly known as Wlad) rehearsed with a lot of young Danish bassists, drummers and keyboard players before Bo Baerentsen, Peter Warming and Bo Brinck (ex-Hero) finally was the ones who recorded the bands first and only album "Room with a view" from 1989 - recorded a year earlier with Steve Cherry doing the backing vocals. Actually the band first was called Wytch but as I said people walked in and out of the band and they struggled hard to get a record deal. After tons of demo recordings they were signed by the small label Olafssongs - owned and founded by Finn Olafsson of Ache who produced the album as well assisted by engineer Flemming Rasmussen in the Sweet Silence studios.
The record recieved a lot of good press - in Denmark and the band was in fact ready to record new material when things got a little "bitchy" within the ranks. Michael Koch and present drummer Martin Schjølin were leaving heading for London! Harlot disbanded but the two "Englishmen" later on went on a tour under the Harlot moniker with new English members! Koch stayed in London (Fulham) where he is working as a producer for Studio 45 and since 2000 a full time member of Les McKeowns Bay City Rollers.
These days Alex Savage has changed his attitude and is a pretty well known DJ on Danish National Television and especially radio, and had been the anchor and quiz-master on several TV-shows. He also was involved in a nationwide fitness programm where he was trying to loose some weight (he is pretty heavy!!). And he had some programs concerning the subject sex called "Erotica" on the radio - now moved to the Internet as well - check alex.dk. He is now the director of Danish National Radio P4.
Alex Nyborg Madsen is still active on the Danish music scene as well - after a while in the project Led Zeppelin Jam he also founded a band called The Savage Affair - playing rock like Del Amitri or Crowded House. The band is also featuring former Harlot keyboardist Bo Brinck. The band is now put on long time hold.
Good news is that "Room with a view" can be ordered directly at Olafssongs! Do it now - the record is a piece of good Danish melodic rock history...

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Room with a view (click to enlarge)
Room with a view
Now I see; So much for happy Endings; Out all Night; Spirits; Invisible Ones; Metropolis Children; Dancing on Dynamite; Bring Home your Love; Kecia.
Olafssongs/OCD 011

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