Push was/is a danish glam rock band formed in 1994 by vocalist/guitarist Martie Peters (aka Martin Petersen) when he left Sateria. He was joined by Martin DaRic (Ex Amazone) and with the rhythm-section from the band Heartline featuring Kasper Sögren on the bass and Mads Hald on drums.
In 1996 Hald left the band and therefore was the debut album "Maximum Entertainment" recorded with session drummer Morten Camillo Sørensen now with Wuthering Heights and Circus Mind. The album was produced by the band itself and mixed with the help of Jan Eliasson (Aces High, Torben Scmidt etc.) - and it featured Thomas Feder on piano. At that time Push had a distribution deal with Danish Nordic Metal. To follow-up on the debut they played supporting act for bigger danish acts Royal Hunt and Pretty Maids. Hald returned to Push shortly after, but wasn't into it and in 1997 he was replaced by Morten Plenge (Ex Coitus Interuptus). The line-up was into a very unstabil period and Van Halen influenced guitarist DaRic left and was replaced by Martin Slott (Ex Starry Eyes) who played the guitar on the second album "Shaken not Stirred" released in 1999 by Z Records. When the first album was kind of heavy influenced - this second one was good time party rock.
Their most ambitious album was released in 2000 again on the Z Records label. "On the Run" is very special to me because of the all round sound and song writing - it all fell into place on that album. Martie Peters is a dead ringer for Mike Tramp (White Lion) - although he always mention Rod Stewart as THE influence - and with DaRic back on the guitar and Tommy Adler on drums this album is extremely catchy - with awesome choir work and a good Def Leppard'esque lead vocal(s). This time around the production allowed the presence of additional musicians and Martin Slott supported the guitars, Morten Plenge the drums, Stevi Tee (Ex Sateria, Pride) on backing vocals and multi instrumentalist Anthony Lledo was working on the string arangement and the keyboards.
"On the Run" was critically highly acclaimed - but nevertheless DaRic decided to leave again and was repleaced for a short period by D.J. Post, working on a new album with the working title "More than meets the Eye". But in the summer of 2001 Martie Peters decided to disband Push - Plenge and Slott later joined Danish power metallers Iron Fire. And late 2001 he is again working With DaRic on a forthcoming album called "4 the Love of the Game", and he has a 3 album deal with Mark Alger and Z Records. The team spirit failed and after some lawsuit from old bandmembers - Peters decided to do the album all over again with new musicians. This time he had Anthony Lledo on guitar, keyboards and bass, Jesper Werner on drums and producer Jan Eliasson on additional bass. The musical result on "4 the Love of the Game" is more AOR orientated than before - some will call it more "mature". Nevertheless it has Martie Peters stamped all over it - his tremendous flair for a catchy tune and a very nice and smooth production!
In the first months of 2003 Martie Peters puts the band thing on hold and makes a guest appearence on fellow Dane Mike Tramp's new album - herafter Martie Peters will concentrate on his first solo album with the working title "Riot on the 5th floor" with Lledo, Werner and Slott back as the working crew.
The album was renamed after he landed a deal with MTM - and the record will be known as MPG, Martie Peters Group. The basic members besides Peters himself, Lledo and Slott are BJ on bass and Jakob Schlein replacing Werner on drums.
Martie wanted to cover more ground than what he had previously achieved in a band and so he also hooked up with old band mate from the Sateria days guitarist Rene Shades. Christian Thiesen is an old school guitarist who added just the right feeling for the coverversion of the 1974 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood track "Dixie Toot". Various other musicians have been brought in and the result is a fresh album that varies from classic hard rock songs to ballads and midtempo tracks.
The album was recorded in Copenhagen during 2004 and mixed by no one else than Tommy Hansen in the Jailhouse Studios.
Martie Peters was able to present his new songs to a bigger audience when he supported Mike Tramp on his European tour 2004 on a few shows in Denmark. The song „The Beast Inside“ was also pre-released on the new MTM compilation volume 10 and received good feedback.
In the spring 2007 MPG released the independent record "Road to Salvation", produced by Peters himself and again mixed by Tommy Hansen in the Jailhouse Studios.

Cover Tracklisting Label Year of Release
Maximum Entertainment (click to enlarge)
Maximum Entertainment
Down for the last Time; Here's to the Magic; In this together; You belong to me; Remember; 'Round the World; Soul on Fire; Years that we wasted; Cream of the Crop; The first Cut is the deepest.
Nordic Metal
NRCD 1196
Shaken not Stirred (click to enlarge)
Shaken not Stirred
Never Again; Heart Attack; Alone; Almost Pornographic; The Only One; Ship Comes In; Guess I'll Always Love You; Need You Here; Shaken, Not Stirred; Rock And Roll Livin'; Casanova; Those Were The Days.
Z Records
ZR 199707
On the Run (click to enlarge)
On the Run
On The Run; Waitin' In Line; Too Late; Broken Down; One Reason; Believe In Love; Jokerman; Changes; Never Too Loud; Better Late Than Never; Miracles.
Z Records
ZR 199725
4 the Love of the Game (click to enlarge)
4 The Love of the Game
For The Love Of The Game; Heart Is An Empty Space; Only Dreaming; In My Blood; Time To Let You Know; Not This Time; Lucky Man; The Best Thing; More Than Meets The Eye; Just A Man; Black Candles.
Z Records
ZR 199764
Martie Peters Group (click to enlarge)
Martie Peters Group
The Beast Inside; Riot On The 5th Floor; Only Dreaming; Number 1; Takes Some Time; Heart Is An Empty Space; A World Without You; Take Me Over The Edge; Bird On The Wire; Hard To Choose; Dixie Toot.
MPG's Road to Salvation (click to enlarge)
Road To Salvation
Fallen; Choose One; Shallow; The Clown; Wish; For what it's worth; Swimming in your blue Eyes; Silence sits on my Throne; Kill the Pain; Waitin' in Line; All I have; Road to Salvation.
2 265988 520003

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