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  • All the best to you readers - have a merry X-mas and Happy New Year.
    Hope to see you again in 2002!

    Steen Peitersen - Editor & Webmaster

  • Swedish AOR act Street Talk will enter the studio in February 2002. FREDRIK BERG and Co. expect a release around September. The material included on this third album will be in a slightly more uptempo and harder-edged style compared to the previous work. This time the vocals will be handled by none other than HUGO and GÖRAN EDMAN and released through MTM in Europe!
  • Sweden Rock Festival 2002 has already announced some of the bands. Expect performances by MAGNUM, DORO PESCH, GAMMA RAY and DOC HOLLIDAY!
  • MIKE TRAMP's new album will be called "Recovering the wasted Years" - and will be released January 4th. The CD is produced by MIKE himself and mixed in L.A. by PHILIP KAFFEL. There are soundsamles at

  • Danish rockers PUSH/MARTIE PETERS has almost finished the recordings of the tracks for their February 2002 release called "4 the Love of the Game". As usual it will be JAN ELIASSON mixing and giving them the characteristic sound!
  • Fellow Dane and former WHITE LION and FREAK OF NATURE vocalist MIKE TRAMP has a new and improved website up and running.
  • MISTER KITE is the new bright Swedish hope. The young band from Trelleborg has almost done their debut album "All in Time" - special guest star will be guitar magician MATTHIAS "IA" EKLUNDH.

  • Danish prog-masters ROYAL HUNT will release a between-albums-album called "The Watchers" in January through Frontiers Records. It will finish the story "Intervision" with part "I" and "II" plus some bounus tracks.
  • The old AOR masters BOSTON will make their first national TV appearence on New Years Day playing the National Anthem at Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (college football event).
  • ... and speaking of BOSTON - Escape Music. is now working on a Boston Tribute album featuring TERRY BROCK, TOMMY DENANDER, PETER SUNDELL (GRAND ILLUSION) and DON AIREY among others.

  • Here is some good news though. Danish AOR duo PARBER/KERSTEIN is now ready to re-release their 1991 album "Stories from the Heart" with new cover artwork and bonus tracks through TARGET Records - if this isn't marvellous news..!
  • Yesterday I got this sad message from ace guitarist VINNY BURNS:
    Hi Steen.
    Just wanted to let you know that I have made a decision to leave Ten. I am not too happy being in the band any more and have decided to move on. I would like to thank all the Ten fans for their support over the years and I hope to see them all soon.
    All the best.

    Well, I'll be damned!!!!!
  • KURT TORSTERS rare MP3 of this week is former DEPARTURE vocalist DAVE BALDWIN who covers FOREIGNERS "Feels like the first Time" - check it out.

  • Good news from the Scandinavian AOR scene is that Swedish newcommers SAYIT has finished their new album called "Again". TOMMY DENANDER has produced and co-written most of the tracks. It is available through AOR Heaven and features guest apperences by KEE MARCELLO and JIM JIDHED! just to name a few.
  • JOEY SINOPOLI is a very busy man these days - now working on 4 (four) albums. The tracklist is now finished for his first solo album, and he is taking it to the streets by playing a few live gigs!
  • I got a mail the other day from a German guy (from Munich) called HUBI MEISEL on his website there are some exclusive audio files from his self financed debut album "Cut" - so check it out!

  • Former ROYAL HUNT vocalist DC COOPER and his new band SILENT FORCE is ready to release their second offering called "Infatuator".
  • Good ol' HONEYMOON SUITE's new album "Lemon Tongue" is now available through their website!
  • German guitar ace MICHAEL SCHENKER and his MSG is now featuring young vocalist CHRIS LOGAN and JEFF MARTIN on drums. The new album with the cryptic title "Be aware of scorpions" is available through SPV/STEAMHAMMER.

  • Frontiers Records confirmes that TEN's new album "Far beyond the World" will hit the streets December 10th. TWO FIRES new "Ignition" is scheduled mid February 2002. TALON will start tracking their new self titled debut November 10th - release date spring 2002.
  • AMUN RE from Austria is ready to launch their new full length album and they are looking for help to their cover lay out - so vote on their website!
  • WILD FRONTIER's drummer through 6 years RUDI UHE leaves the band - for more info visit the newsletter button at their website!

  • JOSHUA PERAHIA will play a show in the Galaxy Concert Theatre, Santa Ana, California. It will be based around his newest album "Something to say" - but it will also feature some guest appereance from several stars like DOKKEN and SILENT RAGE.
  • HOUSE OF SHAKIRA will release their live album called "Live +" on October 22nd - you can pre-order through their web-site already!!!
  • Z Records are about to sign legendary Canadians BRIGHTON ROCK, but they will wait and release new material next year. Next year they will also appear on Z ROCK 2002 in Manchester, UK in May.

  • My condolences to the loved ones of the innocent lives lost on September 11th in USA
  • Due to the horrible terrorist attack last week MTM will release a compilation CD as a benefit gesture. The album is called "We care" and featuring the best power ballads. Besides there will be other acts from MTM such as an auction of autographed CD's and THOMAS HÄSSLER signed soccer shirts.
  • JIM PETERIK was so affected by the attack that he sat down and wrote a song about it along with JOHNNY VAN ZANT called "The Day America Cried" - read more through his website.
  • SHAWN LANE and the rest of the guys in EROTICS will go in the studio and make their version of "Born in the USA" to accomodate the recent tragedies in the States.

  • Danish producer Ace TOMMMY HANSEN who owns the Jailhouse Studios has now completed the JORN LANDE album "Worldchanger" which will be released through Frontiers Records late October.
  • The re-designed website of DAVID COVERDALE will be launched at 22nd of September. A new feature will be a 24 hour radio station playing COVERDALE!!
  • Finnish crazy rockers FIVE FIFTEEN's new album "Death of a Clown" is available through Record Heaven Music - they will tour Germany supporting QUIREBOYS.

  • MARTIE PETERS/PUSH is back in business again. According to the latest news from him he is now working on an album (1 in a 3 album deal) for Z Records. This time around again with guitarist MARTIN DARIC - working title "4 the Love of the Game".
  • More from the Scandinavian territory - Swedish cult band 220 VOLT now has their own tribute site made by the bands former Press Agent Micke Eriksson - check it out!
  • The band formerly known as PASSION STREET is now working under the moniker BRAVE NEW WORLD. The line-up now features RICK CARTEY on vocals, STU BROWN on bass, CRIS J PLAYLE on keyboards, TOMMY FOLSTADLI on drums and founding member PAT HEATH on guitars. In Europe they have a distribution deal with Cargo Records.

  • Y&T will do some gigs in the States on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November. The line-up will be DAVE MENIKETTI, PHIL KENNEMORE, LEONARD HAZE and STEF BURNS.
  • After their performance at Sweden Rock earlier this year Record Heaven Music has signed legendary Canadian hard rockers MOXY. Expect the album "V" to be released September 24th.
  • HUMANIMAL bassist MARCEL JACOB was injured in a bike accident. The band are therefore forced to cancel their forthcoming show at Z Rock Germany - sad, but hopefully JACOB will be back soon!

  • The ol' band BRUNETTE once featured JOHNNY GIOELI and JOEY GIOELI of HARDLINE now has a tribute site - Check it out!
  • BILLY SHEEHAN is no longer swinging the bass in MR. BIG - he is supposed to re-unite with DAVID LEE ROTH putting the classic "Eat 'Em & Smile"-line up back together.
  • Frontiers Records can now announce that they have signed ROYAL HUNT for the European release of their album "The Mission". Release date September 19th.

  • From this day on DANGER DANGER's "Cockroach" album(s) is available from the bands web-site. It is a 2 CD-set with both versions included! - I've read somewhere, that POLEY's version is the best....
  • Escape Music will release the newest CD with GRAHAM BONNET on September 27th. The album "The day I went mad" is featuring guest stars SLASH, VIVIAN CAMPBELL, BRUCE KULICK and TONY FRANKLIN among others.
  • Fast Lane Records and BANG GANG's founding member SCOTT EARL have joined forces to put out the bands previously unreleased demoe's from 1992.

  • Good news from ANGRY TEARS singer JOEY SINOPOLI's solo project is that the band now have their own web-site - check it out on
  • When you are at it, you should check out a keyboard player called JOHN YOUNG who has played along acts like SCORPIONS, FISH, ASIA, PAUL RODGERS and others. He has made six solo record, too - available through his website!
  • Frontiers Records will soon release the following acts: HURRICANE "Liquifury", HARDLINE "Hyperspace", GIANT "III" and HOUSE OF LORDS "The Power & The Myth".

  • Now it is here! The Danish duo PARBER/KERSTEIN has now official released the song "Once in A Lifetime" - the official anthem for the ITU Triathlon World Championchip 2001. The song is written together with Ashly Mulford from SAD CAFÉ/MIKE & THE MECHANICS and sung by TOMMY RASMUSSEN known from SKAGARACK.
  • ROYAL HUNT will release their news effort "The Mission" in August. The album is based entirely on RAY BRADBURY's novel "The Marsian Chronicles" and supposed to be more guitar driven then earlier on!
  • DOUG HOWARD's STUN LEER has a new feature on his website. Check it out!

  • Frontiers Records can now confirm an agreement with TED POLEY's MELODICA project on an European release of the bands future album "Lovemetal" - release date late August!
  • After splitting up a few weeks ago MARTIE PETERS and PUSH was contacted by MARK ALGER from Z Records - and they had made contact. But if an album will be released as a PETERS' solo or under the PUSH moniker is still not clear.
  • This summer some of the noble gentlemen of hard rock has re-arranged their web-sites - so check out news and general info on TERRY BROCK and DAVE BALDWIN.

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