News January - June 2000

  • Good news from JOURNEY is that their next album "Arrival" will be supported by an arena tour. Tour and releasedate is set to be September and the album will be produced with Kevin Shirley and will be more guitardriven than their latest ones !!!
  • FIREHOUSE will release their next album later this year - guitarist BILL LEVERTY and vocalist C.J. SNARE says that we can expect a tougher and more hard-edged release.

  • TOUR DE FORCE will release a CD through Kivel Records featuring songs written before and after their "World on Fire". The working title is - not surprising - "Unreleased".
  • Danish glamsters PUSH will headline Phoenix Rising Festival on August 6th 2000 along with fellow acts CONTAGIOUS and DAMNED NATION - all bands signed to Z Records.
  • Sad news from Frontiers Records is that Dutch band TERRA NOVA has finally split up three weeks ago. "Too much to do with lawyers instead of music" leader and main songwriter Fred Hendrix said. An official announcement will be made when Mr. Hendrix has made a decision on his future plans.

  • Swedish AOR-band PROMOTION has signed to Escape Music. This probably meens that the band will undergo a name change - more news will follow!
  • Prog-masters YES and KANSAS will tour together this summer and fall in North America. Yes will play some unreleased tracks and Kansas will promote their new CD, featuring the original line-up including KERRY LIVGREN on guitar.
  • Look out for news on THE BOND PROJECT, the band featuring former TOTO-vocalist JOSEPH WILLIAMS and his brother MARK WILLIAMS. They have not announced a record label or a distribution deal yet, though.

  • CARMINE APPICE has announced that he is planning to reform KING COBRA in the fall. Only original member who has said "no thanks" is MARCIE FREE - new vocalist is KELLY KEELING.
  • JOE LYNN TURNER is ready to launch his newest album called "Holy man" during this summer through MTM.
  • GIANT and super session guitarist DAN HUFF will release a whole CD only featuring previous unreleased solos - let there be guitars!

  • STREET TALK has just released their newest opus "Transition" through AOR Heaven/Point Music. The first-class Swedish AOR act featuring songwriter/keyboardplayer/producer FREDRIK BERGH and GÖRAN EDMAN on vocals. First reviews compared this to the likes of JOURNEY, GIANT and FOREIGNER - Yippie cai Yeah!
  • Good news from Frontiers Records is that after the album with super group THE SIGN late May, lead vocalist Terry Brock will begin working on his first solo album called "Back to Eden". It will be featuring several guest stars: JIM PETERIK, IAN HATTON, JASON BONHAM, BILLY GREER an KENNY AARONSON - the release is planned in the year 2001.

  • KEVIN RUSSEL is currently working on a new 707 record probably featuring DENNY CARMASSI on drums. Recording schedule is mid-summer - great!
  • MICHAEL SWEET will re-release Stryper's masterpiece "To Hell with the Devil" (1986). It will be with the original artwork - the so called Angel-cover restored. It will be available only through
  • MTM will release HOUSE OF SHAKIRA "III" on June 20th and probably announce that another Swedish band SNAKES IN PARADISE will sign a deal soon. More release-news is that A.C.T and TOWER CITY both are working on new material - promising!!

  • The fifth album from British pompsters TEN will be entitled "Babylon". It's a concept album and will be the first featuring legendary DON AIREY on keyboards. Expect an European release late August. More news from Frontiers Records is that the label has signed Los Angeles based five-piece TALON formerly known as VOXEN.
  • Danish glam/AOR band PUSH has been giving an interview. Click here to download interview and soundbytes in MP3-format.
  • Kip Winger's forthcoming album will be called "Songs from the Ocean Floor" and featuring among others ROD MORGENSTEIN, REB BEACH, and ANDY TIMMONS.

  • Frontiers Records have managed to get FAIR WARNING as support to boogie-rockers STATUS QUO on 7 german dates in May. On the tour there will be two changes in the line-up: KAI REUTER will replace ANDY MALECEK on guitar and new drummer is ATHANASIOS TSOUKAS.
  • More tour-news from Frontiers Records is that STREET LEGAL will be on the same bill as DARE and THIN LIZZY on 4 concerts in Holland and Belgium. STREET LEGAL will also appear on the Karlshamn Rockfestival in Sweden.

  • VON GROOVE is not signed to MTM anymore - their next albums will be released through Z Records. A "Best of.." is on its way!!

  • SHAMELESS is a new project featuring STEVE SUMMERS ex-PRETTY BOY FLOYD and lots of special guests: TRACII GUNS, BRUCE KULICK, ERIC SINGER and JANI LANE. Expect the CD "Queen 4 a day"in September. Check there website here!
  • New swedish AOR/hardrock-act BONAIRE has signed to Z Records. The band featuring members of SCUDIERO is suppossed to be influenced by TNT and the PHENOMEMA-projects. BONAIRE will open ZRock2000 in Stockholm on August 25th 2000.
  • One of my favourite voices of rock GLENN HUGHES are ready to release his "Return Of Crystal Karma" on June 21st through SPV. The title-initials are R.O.C.K and indicates that this one is for his rock-based fans -YES!

  • After a couple of delays it's finally a reality: SIGNAL LIVE is available through MARK/MARCIE FREE website - check it out here.
  • JIM PETERIK and his WORLD STAGE-project is ready to go, the official releasedate is May 18. It features special gueat appearence by the likes of JOHNNY VAN ZANT, DENNIS DE YOUNG and KELLY KEAGY just to name a few!
  • Swedish AOR/Westcoast-act PROMOTION is finally working on new material with a lot harder attitude than their older stuff. You can listen to mp3-examples here.

  • NEWMAN's forthcoming album with the workingtitle "Dance in your Fire" will be co-produced by STEVE MORRIS and CHRIS OUSEY, according to Escape Music. This label also announces that SILENT WITNESS will start recording with MIKE WALSH from DEPARTURE. New singer is CHARLI KAYTE formerly from TOUR De FORCE.
  • RICKY PHILLIPS has made a small cosmetic change to his FRICTION-project. From now on it will be named ELEMENTS OF FRICTION and will feature MARCUS NAND, TOMMY ALDRIDGE and as mentioned before ROBIN MACAULEY. Expect a release in August through MTM.
  • Z Records can now confirm that MICHAEL SWEET formerly STRYPER-frontman will coproduce the next SAVANNAH album.

  • ROYAL HUNT has cancelled the rest of their European tour due to -..lack of support, involvement and professional courtesy from our record company... Sad news - read more on!
  • It is now confirmed that ex-GRAND PRIX and MSG-singer ROBIN MACAULEY wil be singing lead-vocals on the new RICKY PHILLIPS-project FRICTION on MTM.
  • Surprise, surprise!! Sensational news is that JIMI JAMISON once again will replace DAVE BICKLER in SURVIVOR. After years of battle over legal rights to the SURVIVOR-moniker, FRANKIE SULLIVAN & Co. has smoked the pipes of peace with JAMISON - and a tour in May with STYX and REO SPEEDWAGON is planned. Read more in the news-section on

  • It seems that ex-HARDLINE vocalist JOHNNY GIOELLI once again will work with German axe-hero AXEL RUDI PELL on the new album "Masquerade Ball".
  • The debut from new Swedish band KHARMA is almost ready for a release through MTM. The band featuring the busy vocalist GÖRAN EDMAN and keyboardplayer MATS OLAUSSON will appeal to fans of STYX, QUEEN , KANSAS, FOREIGNER and DEEP PURPLE!
  • Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. is a very busy label at the moment - the project MELODICA featuring TED POLEY will release their debut mid-June, DAVIS GLEN EISLEY's solo will be named "Strangers from the past" and new MILLENIUM vocalist JÖRN LANDE will release a solo-record in May featuring a lot of covertracks and special guest stars.

  • Good news from Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. is that singer and drummer extraordinaire KELLY KEAGY will release his debut solo album "Time Passes" with a little help from his NIGHTRANGER-bandmates. BRAD GILLIS, JEFF WATSON, BRIAN BART and BRUCE GAITSCH will handle the guitars. JACK BLADES is also involved with Kelly in the songwriting of the songs and will appear playing bass guitar on a few tracks!
  • It finally seem to be a fact that DANGER DANGER will release the missing "Cockroach" album in both versions - the original with TED POLEY and the second with PAUL LAINE. It will be available through their Website.

  • After the split with MTM it now seems that JACK PONTI's project ANGRY TEARS has signed with Escape Music !
  • Swedish AOR act STREET TALK will release their second album "Transition" May 2nd 2000 through AOR Heaven/Point Music. Besides keyboardplayer, producer & mastermind FREDRIK BERG the albums will feature vocals by GÖRAN EDMAN - Very promising.

  • If you want to see the artwork and press-info on the forthcoming albums with JEFF WATSON or GOOD RATS just click on the name. Both very promising releases on Frontiers/Now&Then Prod.
  • STYX are on the road (without DENNIS DE YOUNG, by the way) - that means if DAMN YANKEES are planning to release their new one later this year it will probably be without the touring TOMMY SHAW!
  • The busy Swede TOMMY DENANDER and his new outfit PRISONER are ready to release their "Blind" on March 23rd.

  • The three "old" members of RIVERDOGS are writing song for the new album on MTM later this year. It seems that ROB LAMOTHE, NICK BROPHY and VIVIAN CAMPBELL are getting together in LA!!
  • MARK/MARCIE FREE will (finally) release SIGNAL "Live" on March 16th 2000. The album recorded in 1990 in Lincoln, Nebraska US will feature 11 tracks + a previously unrelease one called "Nobody gets out alive". The first 100 CD's will be signed by MARK/MARCIE and will only be available through his/her website on
  • PUSH will be in Copenhagen on the day "On the run" hits the streets. The 13th March 2000 they can be seen and heard in CD Smeden, Peder Hvidtfeldts Stræde - be there!

  • Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. has announced the signing of an oldie but goodie DAVID GLEN EISLEY. With this new solo project - which will feature such prestigious guests like LANNY CORDOLA, EARL SLICK, CRAIG GOLDIE, CHUCK WRIGHT and PAT TORPEY, Mr. Eisley intends to come back to his melodic roots. The style of the album is therefore announced in pure HOUSE OF LORDS meets FOREIGNER/JOURNEY sounds !!!
  • The other interesting signing on Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. is a band project brainchild of bassist/singer BILLY GREER of KANSAS/THE SIGN, called SEVENTH KEY. in the style STREETS meets ASIA/KANSAS with a few friends like STEVE MORSE, STEVE WALSH, MIKE SLAMER and RICHARD WILLIAMS.
  • STEVE WALSH wil also be on the next KANSAS album on the Magna Carta-label. The reunited band will also feature KERRY LIVGREN on several tracks!.
  • Danish post-glamsters PUSH on Z Records has fired guitarist MARTIN SLOTT and re-hired original axe-swinger Martin DaRic.

  • If you want to see the artwork and the tracks on the forthcoming album "Four" with FAIR WARNING just click on the name.
  • NICOLO KOTZEV has finished the recordings of "Nostradamus" and the final role as the Inquisitor was sung by JÖRN LANDE (SNAKES, TOR TALLE, VAGABONDS).
  • VAUGN has finished their recordings of their new opus now called "Soldier and Sailor on the Riverside" it will be released through Z Records.

  • More good news from Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. they will release JEFF WATSON's "Around the Sun" featuring STEVE WALSH in May 2000 with 4 extra tracks - on top of that Mr. Watson works on new material planned to be released early next year!
  • C.C. DEVILLE is out of POISON - again. This time because BRETT MICHAEL accuses him of using the POISON-name only to promote himself - TRACII GUNS will be a temporary replacement.
  • A few names has been changed during this week: TRANSATLANTIC featuring among others VINNY BURNS and TED POLEY cannot use this name because of an alredy excisting project featuring MIKE PORTNOY from DREAM THEATRE and people from SPOCKS BEARD - no new name has popped up. Super-group SIGNS OF LIFE will change their name to SIGNS.

  • I just received a press-release from Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. announcing that they have signed FAIR WARNING. The album "Four" is due out in Europe and The States late March.

  • DAVE BALDWIN sent me an advancetape of 5 new recordings. Two are songs for his next soloalbum and the rest are from the new TRADIA record. I'm looking forward for both releases - they sound great!
  • An outfit called ABSOLUTE ZERO has signed with AOR Heaven. The band featuring members of LE ROUX and ROCKBOX is suppossed to be classic 80's AOR in the vein of TOTO and Journey.
  • Z Records is close to confirm the final line-up for the first Z-Rock US show October 14th 2000. Already announced acts are VAUGHN, MVP, SHOUT, DANNY DANZI, SAVANNAH and FREEDOM CAGE.
  • If you want to see the cover and the tracks on the forthcoming albums with NORWAY and STREET LEGAL just click on the names.

  • Happy news is that HOUSE OF SHAKIRA who were without label when BlueStone turned the key, has now signed with MTM.
  • As reported in several magazines guitarist MARK KENDALL has left JACK RUSSELL and the rest of the guys in GREAT WHITE in the middle of a tour in Spain. They are now back in the States - thinking or splitting?
  • Frontiers/Now&Then Prod. has signed the Norwegian power-trio STREET LEGAL. The band featuring TNT-producer and guitarist KEN INGWERSEN is described as a mix of WHITESNAKE, BLUE MURDER and THIN LIZZY!

  • MTM has announced three interesting new signings. Old but surely missed RIVERDOGS, DIVING FOR PEARLS and HUSH from Norway - good news for AOR and rock fans.
  • Sad news are that RICK STEINER and DANNY WAGNER have left WARRANT, MARTY FRIEDMAN has left MEGADETH - AL PITRELLI wil replace him on the rest of the tour, and finally has STEPHEN PEARCY left RATT.
  • Here in cold old Denmark things are happening - former SKAGARACK-frontman TORBEN SCHMIDT is preparing another solorecord, besides that he has been involved with British PASSION STREET's new release called "Monsters" recorded in Aarhus by KIM BÆKGAARD at Soundpage Recordings.
  • STREET TALK from Sweden have now started the recordings of their second album "Transition" with keyboardplayer FREDRIK BERGH as the producer. Vocals wil be handled by GÖRAN EDMAN. Expect a release through AOR HEAVEN in April.

  • The former KISS-guitarist MARK St. JOHN has a brand new CD out now and the WHITE TIGER album will also be released for the first time on CD - Yes, sir.
  • The artists formerly known as TYKETTO will now call themselves VAUGHN and have added guitarist PJ ZITAROSA to the line-up.
  • BON JOVI will return to their roots on their upcoming album called "2000" so far. JON BON JOVI has stated that this one wil be in the vein of "Slippery when wet" and "New Jersey" - that's about time!

  • Happy new year - the troubles surrounding Y2K was slightly hyper-hyped. I din not have any problems with my computer or programs!
  • Good news from NICOLO KOTZEV is that he has finally comleted his rockopera "Nostradamus". The project involves several gueststars such as singers: JOE LYNN TURNER,GLENN HUGHES, GÖRAN EDMAN, DOOGIE WHITE, ALANNAH MYLES and SASS JORDAN. Besides NICOLO himself the players are MIC MICHAELI, JOHN LEVEN and IAN HAUGHLAND and The Symphonic Orchestra of Varna conducted by NELKO KOLAROV. This conceptional album which contains more than 100 minutes of music will not be available in record shops but only via the Internet through - sounds interesting!!


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