News July - December 2000

  • Nothing seems to be happening at this time of year anyway, so let me say:

  • Danish Glamsters PUSH have joined forces with ace guitarist D.J. POST. He is described as a cross between Mr. MALMSTEEN and RITCHIE KOTZEN. Expect the bands 4th album - currently with the working title "More Than Meets The Eye" - to build on the heavier moments of "On The Run". The album is due in the spring of 2001.
  • Former JOURNEY and VINNIE VINCENT's INVASION singer ROBERT FLEISCHMANN has been signed to Frontiers Records for a solo album! ROBERT FLEISCHMANN start recording in January, under the supervision of THE VU executive producer MICHAEL ROBINSON and with the production of STUART SMITH. NEAL SCHON, JIM VALLANCE, BRYAN ADAMS and other famed friends will be added and confirmed during the recording. Release is tentatively scheduled for late summer 2001.
  • If you are a hard core fan of master guitarist DANN HUFF - check this site out. Home Sweet Home Records has released a collection of his solo leads available now - a gift for christmas ?

  • LOVERBOY's bass player SCOTT SMITH is missing after being swept overboard by a wave while sailing off the San Francisco coast.
  • UFO has again split up after an event where Michael Scenker should have threatened other band members on stage in Manchester. The day before Schenker got in a fight with QUIREBOYS frontman SPIKE - perhaps chess, sewing or squaredance is SCHENKERS next occupation!
  • Fabulous news from Frontiers Records is that the GIOELI brothers are gathered for another HARDLINE album. New lead guitarist is JOEY TAFOLLA - drummer and bass player is not found, yet.
    JIMI JAMISON will release "Empires" in his own name in US of A early 2001.

  • Danish blues/melodic rockers BAD MONDAY featuring ex-MERZY bassist HENRIK BJÍRN has released their newest "Center of Attention" produced by TOMMY HANSEN - check their website out!
  • Former KIK TRACEE front man STEPHEN SHAREAUX has gathered a few musicians around him under the moniker REVEL 8
  • Good solid melodic rockers HOTWIRE has finished up their latest CD. Expect a release in January 2001

  • At last there is press info and cover art work from Frontiers Records that STUART SMITH is ready to launch his second album under the HEAVEN & EARTH moniker. Besides - vocalist/bassist/frontman KIP WINGER will release his newest album "Songs from the Ocean Floor". And his back catalogue - "Thisconversationseemslikeadream" and "Down Incognito" (former released as "Made by Hands") will be available, too!
  • TED NUGENT is not pleased - to express it in a polite way- with the result of the mixing of the new DAMN YANKEES album. Therfore we can expect another delay! - I wonder if it ever will be released?
  • Swedish hard rock aces ACES HIGH is now ready to finish their new offering called "Forgive & Forget".

  • MARK BOALS seems to be fired from YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's band. JÍRN LANDE will possibly be joining the Swedish prima-donna on the forthcoming US tour.
  • BOB CATLEY is as we speak recording the vocal parts for his new album in GARY HUGHES' studio facilities. The album "Middle Earth" is based around Tolkiens "Lord of the Rings". Expect a release early 2001.
  • Old rocker STAN BUSH is now working with songwriter/keyboardist CURT CUOMO and hopefully a crowd of special guests. Working title "Language of the Heart".

  • Old guitar slinger KEN TAMPLIN is now ready to go in the studio with new material. He will be surrounded by "highly praised musicians in the business" - expect a release by September 2001 on Z Records.
  • JOHN SYKES has taken some time of his touring with THIN LIZZY, and that has resulted in a welcomed release of his latest "Nuclear Cowboy" - finally!
  • Another great singer and guitarist RANDY JACKSON has been busy reuniting ZEBRA - on their website they will soon release samples from a hopefully new record.

  • Good news from Frontiers Records is that star vocalist MARK BOALS will soon release his second solo-effort. Besides - newcomer INTO THE LIGHT featuring KELLY HANSEN are on their way. Click the names to preview cover art work and press info. Just to remember that together with the new album "Hourglass" MILENNIUM's self-titled debut from '97 will be remarket at mid-price.
  • Danish old-school heavy rockers PRETTY MAIDS will release their new album "Carpe Diem" through Scandinavian Records this week. So "Seize the Day" and go buy this record!!
  • The excellent British label ProActive Records are launching their new web-site these days. The label has released prime Swedes HIGHER GROUND among others.

  • There will soon be a TOTO-tribute available through this link. The project featuring PHIL VINCENT, JOHN TAGLIERI and MICHAEL RIESENBECK. MICHAEL RIESENBECK will also soon release a solo record featuring MICHAEL BORMANN from JADED HEART
  • Watch out for progressive rockers STAR CASTLE their web site should now be on-line! Featuring band-info and pictures.
  • Two swedish acts are active these days. LIONS SHARE will release a double CD featuring their two first records remastered plus 3 bonus tracks on November 17th. BROKE-N-BLUE have also some good songs in the making!

  • Finally rock fans throughout the world will be able to buy DOUG ALDRICH's two CD's with his newest band BURNING RAIN. They will be released through Z Records - previously they have only been available in Japan. Their selftitled debut will be out November 13.
  • Best christian hard rockers ever STRYPER will reform for a one night stand. The event will take place on December 16th in Costa Rica.
  • German hard/heavy rock label SPV will have a busy fall. Expect new releases from LENNY WOLF's KINGDOM COME, MOLLY HATCHET, ROSE TATTOO, CH┬LICE and AXEL RUDI PELL to name just a few.

  • ANGRY TEARS frontman and lead singer JOEY SINOPOLI has landed a solo deal with the new independent rock label Fusion Records. The project will hopefully be released under the SINOPOLI moniker by May 2001. JACK PONTI is also involved along with many surprise special guests!
  • MITCH MALLOY is now ready to launch his new effort "Shine". On This address you can now buy it, see a review and read an interview with this marvellous vocalist!
  • Good ol' arena rockers FOREIGNER are having troubles right now. It seems like singer LOU GRAMM is suing major company EMI Music over a contract. Read more here.

  • This is absolutely the best news in a long time! At last the long lost debut from super AOR group THE VU are scheduled for November 22. Click the name to preview cover art work and press info.
  • Now & Then / Frontiers Records has released their third sampler called "Union 3". I'm looking forward to the new releases from HEAVEN & EARTH, MILENNIUM, PRIME TIME, SIGN and TEER - what great tasters!
  • Good news from the Department of History is that old British hard rockers BRIGHTON ROCK will propably re-unite for some shows summer next year.

  • Have you checked recently ? If not please go there and download previous unreleased tracks in her News-section - I absolutely adore the rather tasteful "Naked Desire", I wonder why that track never made it to the records.
  • Zoom Club Records will before to long release some good ol' classics. Among them are the debuts of WHITE SISTER and LEGS DIAMOND along with GRAND PRIX's "Samurai" from 1983.
  • STUN LEER has gone through some line-up changes, and therefore will "Last Man Standing" be released under the moniker DOUGH HOWARD's STUN LEER - hopefully before to long.

  • Two good news from Frontiers Records are that TEER and MILLENIUM are ready to launch their new work in a short while. Click the band and get a preview on cover artwork and press-info.
  • ROUGH CUTT is ready to release their new material - current line-up featuring PAUL SHORTINO vocals, JIMMY CRESPO guitars, JT GARRETT keyboards, SEAN McNABB bass and JOHN HOMANN drums. What happened to project RHYTHM JUNKIES?
  • ASIA has already made a preview on the cover art work on their forthcoming album "Aura" on their offical website. Once again it is made by design legend ROGER DEAN.

  • Several good news has ticked in from Frontiers Records. First the company entered the first european chart with TEN's "Babylon" reaching #100 in the German charts. Then KIP WINGER will release his "Songs from the Ocean Floor" through Frontiers Records in Europe mid November, and will be special guest at the Gods Festival 2000. Least but not last will DAVID GLEN EISLEY release his newest "Stanger from the past" on November 15 - preview cover and info by the link !!
  • Remember to support a good cause - on September 22nd the "Sum of Hearts Dash Dunbar Benefit Concert" will take place at Joe's in Chicago. Honouring the son of former JOURNEY, WHITESNAKE and UFO drummer AYNSLEY DUNBAR who lost his battle with cancer at the age of just 5.
  • While we're waiting on new material from NIGHT RANGER please check out BRAD GILLIS' official website - his new "Alligator" is available here!

  • Frontiers Records will launch the new supergroup THE SIGN on October 23rd. The line up featuring MARK MANGOLD, TERRY BROCK, RANDY JACKSON, BOBBY RONDINELLI and BILLY GREER. Click here to read more info and preview the cover artwork. I'm lookin' forward to this!
  • There is a rumour on the Net that DAMN YANKEES has been dropped by JOHN KALODNER's Portrait Records. I wonder if they ever will release new material?
  • Speaking of Portrait Records. HOUSE OF LORDS are very keen to sign that label. In fact they appeal to fans all over the world to let this label know there is a BIG BIG public wish to have them back. So let's do it! Go to Portrait Records and write a few words in their guestbook!

  • Guitar legend SCOTT GORHAM from THIN LIZZY has signed his band 21 GUNS to Z Records. On November 6th they will re-release "Nothing's real" - that originally came out in 1998, but only in Japan.
  • TREASON will release their "Code of silence" in the US October 15 on the Waterfront label. The album cover art will change and the release title will be "Spinning"
  • Now & Then Production can confirm that GODS 2000 will take place on Saturday 4th November in Wigan, Lancashire. Line up is: TEN, TWO FIRES, THE SIGN, MELODICA, MILLENIUM, HEAVEN & EARTH, JOHNNY LIMA; TEER, PRAYING MANTIS, STREET LEGAL and LOST WEEKEND.

  • According to reliable sources both JOURNEY and WESTWORLD will soon release their newest efforts. WESTWORLD will release "Skin" mid-September - and JOURNEY will be a bit late with their "Arrival" - expect a release in February 2001.
  • Mighty SAVANNAH will soon be ready to take on the world with their "Forever's come and gone" on Z Records. The album is - in case you forgot - produced by former STRYPER vocalist MICHAEL SWEET.
  • Spanish AOR/melodic rock label Vinny Records has a couple of interesting signings and planned releases in the making - check them out!

  • Z Records are now ready to launch an on-line store. The shop will trade all material released through the label - but also rare items related to their signed bands, interesting!
  • Two oldies but goodies in the business are ready to release new material. FIREHOUSE will release their "Oxygen" through Spitfire Records on November 7th. And the King-of-the-high-notes MITCH MALLOY has finished recording his newest effort called "Shine", which will be a return to the sound and feeling of his debut!!
  • Frontiers Records has found the old British heavy rockers PRAYING MANTIS and given them a brush-up. Click them for a preview on the cover and the press-release on their forthcoming album.

  • The German Label SPV will in the nearest future release new albums from the likes of THIN LIZZY, DORO, PETER FRAMPTON and SPOCKS BEARD.
  • Swedish melodic hardrockers LIONS SHARE will re-releasing their first two albums on Massacre Records. After their succes with "Fall from Grace" earlier this year, they are now working on new material ready to be launched March 2001.
  • One of my favourite bands DANGER DANGER will finally release their forgotten album "Cockroach" in both versions - one with TED POLEY and one with PAUL LAINE as vocalist - no date is confirmed, though!

  • Brittish melodic rockers HEARTLAND will hopefully release their newest effort "As it comes" in September through Escape Music.
  • More news from Escape Music is that they have signed a San Fransisco quartet called ROULETTE - who play melodic rock in the vein of WHITE SISTER. The record will be released later this year and will be produced by none other than JESSE BRADMAN.
  • Anyone remember the christian band Guardian? Their former vocalist Jamie Rowe will release his newest project ADRIANGALE soon on Kivel Records.

  • A big surprise it was when Frontiers Records announced they had signed former ALIAS and SHERIFF singer FREDDY CURCI - click him for further info and preview cover.
  • Very sad news is that FAIR WARNING after a succesfull tour in Japan has parted company with long time member vocalist TOMMY HEART - read more about the split on his homepage. More news as I get them.
  • Good news though are that after an abscense of 12 years vocalist GRAHAM BONNET rejoins guitarist CHRIS IMPELLITTERI. The two gentlemen havent been working together since "Stand in line" (1988). The new album has "Seek & Destroy" as a working title and will hopefully be released early 2001 - check their website for further info.

  • Not much is happening at the moment due to holidays. But good news from Frontiers Records are that they have signed HURRICANE featuring KELLY HANSEN, PRAYING MANTIS featuring DENNIS STRATTON, FREDDY CURCI from ALIAS and SHERIFF fame and UNDER SUSPICION wich is a group rising from the ashes of JIMI JAMISONS SURVIVOR - exciting!
  • TREASON is a up-and-coming band from Seattle featuring TED STOCKWELL on keyboards and JASON SAUNDERS on vocals. On their debut they have worked with celebrities like SUE ENNIS and ANN WILSON of HEART - check them out!
  • Two new releases from Frontiers Records in the near future are VOODOO HILL and HEAVENS FIRE - click them to preview cover and press-info.

  • Imagine a radio channel that only plays songs from SIGNAL, KING KOBRA, UNRULY CHILD and MARK/MARCIE FREE - well, it a reality on MarcieFreeRadio!!
  • RAIN is a new up-and-coming foursome from Norway, featuring former JADED HEART singer MICHAEL BOHRMANN - check them out.
  • Swedish AOR/Rock band ALYSON AVENUE is now ready to launch their melodic rock in the vein of HEART, ENVY and WITNESS on AOR HEAVEN.

  • I got a note from Swedish melodic rockers ECLIPSE that their new album is in the making. On the album there are two special guest stars. One is Keyboardplayer MATS OLAUSSON from MALMSTEEN and second is no other than EUROPE's KEE MARCELLO - promising!
  • There are rumours on the Net sourrounding HOUSE OF LORDS. According to this JAMES CHRISTIAN, GREGG GIUFFRIA, CHUCK WRIGHT, KEN MARY, LANNY CORDOLA and MIKE GUY should have joined forces in a studio - I'll stay tuned.
  • Frontiers Records has put out press-info and covers for the forthcoming albums from JÖRN LANDE and TEN. Click them for a preview!

  • Seem like nothing much is happening in the summertime - but glamsters SHAMELESS has announced a tour in Germany/The Netherlands, and will be playing at the KISS-parties. More info on their website
  • Canadian 80's icons GLASS TIGER will tour again - first in their native homeland - but afterwards they will most likely go in the studio for an expected album release late 2000, great!

  • Hillarious news on British pompsters TEN is that the official website is ready now with some appetizers from the forthcoming album "Babylon" in Real Audio-format.
  • Also good news from the MTM camp is that TOWER CITY is now working on new material ready to be released early 2001. STEELHOUSE LANE will also start working on new material when MIKE SLAMER is ready - he is involved with STEVE WALSH solo project and the forthcoming SLAMER/THOMPSON album.
  • COMPANY OF SNAKES has gone through a facelift - vocalist ROBERT HART is replaced by former MSG-singer GARY BARDEN. HART will concentrate on a songwriting career in the future.
  • Check out the updated official homepage on STUN LEER!!

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