News January/June 2002

  • MIKE TRAMP has finished the tour in Europe and is now moving to Indonesia, Australia and USA. His tour band is EMIL BENDIXEN on bass, young drummer-ace KASPER FOSS and former SATERIA and PRIDE guitarist RIKKI SHADES (aka René Sehic). If you are aware of some good places to play - clubs etc. - mail him your suggestion:
  • Danish prog/melodic band PRIME TIME will have a previous unreleased track called "Call of the Wild" on the next sampler from Now & Then Productions.
  • Swedish melodic rock band XINEMA are now no longer searching for a record label - they have signed to Canadian label Unicorn Records. Hopefully the album will be out late this summer.

  • Yesterday I got this message from Gareth Davies and THE PROMISE:
    Hi Steen
    We're all a bit down about the brake up, but it seemed like the right time to call it a day. Meanwhile looks like we'll at least be able to say a proper farewell to some of our fans, as Mark Ashton has asked us to play at the Gods in the UK in November. We've said yes! No definite date as yet, but they are certainly intending trying to do another one in November, so we'll be there if they do.
    Thanks again
  • From a more positive side there are good news from the Swedish magazine Atlantis Online regarding the 220 VOLT reunion. The Swedish reporter MIKE ERIKSSON talked to MATS KARLSSON. The bands official website will soon be up and running - in the meantime you can also visit the informative un-official POWERGAMES site!
  • Danish melodic rock band PUSH with frontman MARTIE PETERS has now confirmed a little of the band line up on the summer tour to England in the middle of July. Supporting the newest album "4 The Love of the Game" will be ANTHONY LLEDO on guitar and JESPER WERNER on drums - a bassist and a keyboard player is yet to be found!

  • I just got a very joyful message from TOMMY DENANDER regarding his friend and former ALIEN vocalist JIM JIDHED. This excellent singer is now ready to relase his solo CD called "Full Circle" through MARKUS SÖDERKVIST's Atenzia Records. On the record that DENANDER produced there are musicians like BOBBY KIMBALL on backing vocals, JASON SCHEFF on bass & backing vocals, BRUCE GAITSCH on guitars and MARCUS LILIEQUIST on drums.
  • A rather sad message I got from guitarist GARETH DAVIES from THE PROMISE - and they have decided to split. You can download their last song called "Falling" in MP3-format from their website.
  • Back to some more good news from my Swedish neighbours. DOG FACE with ace vocalist MATS LEVEN are ready to release their lang awaited second album called "In control". And fellow Swedes SNAKES IN PARADISE are ready to release their newest "Dangerous Love" soon - both through MTM Music.

  • Danish melodic rock band PUSH are in the making of a summer tour to England - supporting the newest album "4 The Love of the Game". Expect them to hit the UK mid July!
  • Swedish melodic rock band XINEMA are searching for a contract - so if you're an A&R manager - check them out!
  • Finally there are good news from Swedish GRAND ILLUSION - their newest album will be called "View from the top" and will be released through Escape Music July 7th.

  • ANDRE ANDERSEN of ROYAL HUNT has recorded his second solo effort "Black On Black" at Andre's studio The North Point with several musician friends. Vocalist IAN PARRY is from ELEGY, guitarist RENE RIELAND played with WITCH CROSS and drummer KAJ LAEGE is from another band which Andre produced in the past. Expect a release in mid June on Frontiers Records.
  • The SINOPOLI brothers is working with legendary producer EDDIE KRAMER and bass player JOHN REGAN on their forthcoming new album.
  • Check out the web-site of Finnish born-again Glam punksters HANOI ROCKS - remember ANDY McCOY and MICHAEL MONROE?

  • Guitar player MICHAEL RIESENBECK are very busy right now as he is recording with JEFF PILSON and TONY O'HARA for an upcoming NYC charity album. He is going to be a guest on new records by LEC ZORN and PHIL VINCENT. The work on his solo record "Shouting Silence" is also involving PILSON &O'HARA and JOE VANA from MECCA. Expect a release by the end of 2002.
  • SHOTGUN SYMPHONY played at the very first Gods of Rock festival in 1993 - and now they'll be playing their last ever live concert at the Gods 2002. If you have any favoirite tracks by TRACY WHITE and Co. you can mail your top 5 to: .
  • ...and speaking of The Gods 2002: HARDLINE will have JOSH RAMOS on stage at the occasion! And JEFF SCOTT SOTO will have HOWIE SIMON on guitar (KEN TAMPLIN), GARY SCHUTT on bass (TAKARA) and ALEX PAPA on drums.

  • One of the most busy musicians in the world TOMMY DENANDER has work up to his ears at this time: First of all he is leading a Swedish all star charity project called "United", second he is doing a album called "Voices" for Escape Music featuring CHRIS OUSEY and TERRY BROCK - and least but not last he is working with STEVE MCATEE on a project called LEC ZORN!
  • MISTER KITE now finally has their long awaited debut album "All in time" out on Lion Music. They are too are invited to the Swedish charity project "United".
  • One of my favorites POISON are back in original line-up and will release their newest "Hollyweird" an May 14th.

  • Danish melodic rock band PUSH has made some Audio-samples ready from their website (remember 1024 * 768 resolution). The tracks are: "For the Love of the Game", "Heart is an empty Space" and "In my Blood".
  • Swedish AOR band STREET TALK are in the making of their 3rd record and their first for MTM Music. Band leader FREDRIK BERGH will during the months of March, April and May record the leadvocal parts by HUGO and GÖRAN EDMAN at 3 different studios located in New York (USA), Stockholm (Sweden) and Bollnas (Sweden).
  • BRAVE NEW WORLD has finally got themselves a fair deal with a record company! They are now signed at Chavis Records.

  • PRETTY MAIDS are ready to release "Planet Panic" mid-March. The band are re-designing their website at the moment - but downloads will be available soon! 1. single will be "Virtual Brutality" - the album is recorded at Jailhouse Studios and mixed in the PUK Studio. The new album will be followed up by a Europe-tour, supported by fellow Danes ROYAL HUNT - starting April 4th in Denmark.
  • Another Danish release is PUSH's long awaited "For the Love of the Game" album. MARTIE PETERS states that the album will be out on March 25th!!
  • Swedish cult AOR-sters HOUSE OF SHAKIRA has decided to press another 500 copies of their "LIVE+" CD - it will be available from March 11th. Expect new material in the autumn 2002.

  • The Danish gran' ole Man of hard rock MIKE TRAMP will be supporting BONFIRE on their British dates - in Germany BONFIRE wil be supported by SHYLOCK.
  • Fastlane Records has scheduled former EASY ACTION and SHOTGUN MESSIAH main man Swede ZINNY ZAN's new solo effort called "City Boy Blues" for April 1st!
  • Sweden Rock Festival 2002 has announced that TED "If it's too loud - you're too old" NUGENT will be playing in Sweden on June 7th or 8th.

  • One of few Danish high class acts PRETTY MAIDS are now in the works for a new album. No release date has been confirmed, so while we wait they have released a bunch of crazy pictures on their website - check it out!
  • ERIC MARTIN has announced that MR. BIG will be history on February 7th. Mr. MARTIN himself will have a solo CD out on Pony Canyon entitled "I'm Goin'Sane" on March 6th.
  • On TOTO's website STEVE LUKATHER writes that the forthcoming album is almost finished. BOBBY KIMBALL is singing most of the songs - but LUKATHER and DAVID PAICH is doing some vocal performances as well! Expect a summer release.

  • Swedish rockers MISTER KITE is ready to release their debut through Lion Music - the album has been pre-mastered at the Danish Tocano studio!
  • The happy Danes PANGEA has cancelled all previous contracts BUT is in the making of what it seems to be their best album yet. I have heard a track called "House of love" - and it is as strong and powerful as the best work from MR. BIG, EXTREME or VAN HALEN!
  • German guitar hero #1 AXEL RUDI PELL's new album "Shadow Zone" will be released in Europe on April 22nd through Steamhammer/ SPV. Again featuring Johnny Gioeli on lead vocals!

  • Danish glam/melodic rockers PUSH has a new and improved web-site up and running. On the negative side there are problems with the release of "4 the Love of the Game" - some former band members has raised a lawsuit against MARTIE PETERS to upstruct the release. The planned release party on February 25th is off.
  • BRAVE NEW WORLD's album "Monsters" is recorded at the danish studio Soundpage Recording produced by KIM BAEKGAARD and co-mastered by former SKAGARACK front man TORBEN SCHMIDT!
  • JEFF SCOTT SOTO, MARCEL JACOB & PONTUS NORGREN has a HUMANIMAL website ready to take off - their record is still planned 28th of January.

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