News July-December 2002

  • All the best to you readers - have a merry X-mas and Happy New Year - may the Melodic Rock be with you.
    Hope to see you again in 2003!

    Steen Peitersen - Editor & Webmaster

  • The Swedish AOR/Westcoast guitarist SAYIT has a new web-site up and running. As a special intro he offers a full MP3 download on the first album - which has been sold out for months!!
  • The coming album from MIKE TRAMP with the working title "More to Life than this" - will feature some solos from guitar wizzard ERIC JOHNSON. The album will hopefully be out in the first quarter of 2003.
  • MAGNUS SÖDERKVIST's Swedish label ATENZIA Records has signed some interesting new bands and artists: IGNITION a Swedish band fronted by singer JAN JOHANSEN; Swedish prog-rockers ACT's third album and MITCH MALLOY's new project FLUID SOUL!

  • English smooth rockers FM - nowadays called SO! will finally release their "Live at the Astoria from their "Indescreet" tour in 1989, but featuring some tracks from "Tough it out", too. Check their website and/or Escape Music who will release the new album "Paraphernalia" AND "Aphrodisiac" on a double-CD!!
  • .... and speaking of Escape Music, they will also release a new super power trio called LIESEGANG - featuring BILL LIESEGANG, GLENN HUGHES and JOHN WETTON
  • According to RADIOACTIVE's "Yeah", the new album is close to being completed and the release is set for May 2003, the album's ballad "Over You" will also be featured on MTM Rock Ballads Vol 4 in April.

  • TORBEN LYSHOLM - guitarist and main man in Danish melodic Rock band PANGEA - has signed a solo deal with Frontiers regarding his project MYSTERELL. It will be produced at his newly opened Tune Town studio facilities by himself and his staff and called "Sensational". The album is planned for a 2003 release - but as a little hors d'eouvre the track "Don’t Ever Stop" will be featured on the double sampler cd "Rock The Bones" due out in December02.
  • KURT VEREECKE founder and keyboard player of the AOR project FROZEN RAIN from Belgium gets help from Swedish work-aholic TOMMY DENANDER on the forthcoming debut album. Sounds very interesting!!
  • Swedish melodic rock super group TOKEN have released a video for the song "Human" from their debut album "Tomorrowland". The video was made by the Swedish director GABRIEL JANSSON and post produced by JENS-PETER SJÖBERG known from his work with MOBY. The video is available from their website!

  • Frontiers has signed new Norwegian band ON THE RISE. The band hails from Bergen, Norway and is a duo formed by Terje Eide (lead & background vocals, guitars) and Bennech Lyngboe (lead & background vocals). ON THE RISE created the ultimate melodic rock debut album influenced by the likes of NELSON, RICK SPRINGFIELD, TOTO and BOSTON with elements of the typical Scandinavian melodic rock.
  • Sound Riot Records have signed melodic power metal band GAIA EPICUS, featuring TNT's MORTY BLACK on bass. The complete line up is: THOMAS HANSEN on vocals & guitars, JOAKIM KJELSTAD on guitars, MORTY BLACK on bass, ALLESSANDRO ELIDE (MANIFEST) on drums and ERIK MYHR on keyboards. The band's first album is called "Satrap" and it will be recorded at Waterfall Studios from Norway in December.
  • While we wait for the UNRULY CHILD demoes a brand new interview is online at their official website. At you will find a new chat with the band's GUY ALLISON and BRUCE GOWDY.

  • German melodic rockers WILD FRONTIER has 3 new samples from their forthcoming album available from the "Musicbox"-button on their web-site! The track "Save me" is an absolute hammer!
  • British keyboard-wizzard JOHN YOUNG is touring England at the moment - but unfortunately a gig has been postponed. The date has now been re-scheduled for Saturday 30th November 2002 - due to vocalist/guitarist JOHN MITCHELL contracting Glandular Fever.
  • Mr. Guitar TOMMY DENANDER has co-written a track called "Son of a Gun" from the forthcoming album from fellow Scandinavians URBAN TALE - the full album is called "Signs of Times" and there a an audio-sample available through his website!

  • Z Records announces that there are finally signs that Norwegian power band TNT is recording at the moment with vocalist TONY HARNELL - some songs from their forthcoming album are already finished!
  • Intromental Management from Denmark is now ready to represent DAVID T. CHASTAIN and RUUD COOTY - both on Lucretia Records. CHASTAIN has just released an album called "Rock solid guitar" and former KENZINER vocalist COOTY has released "Aftermath".
  • Hardline guitarist JOSH RAMOS has also signed Frontiers as a solo artist. His band now features former EYES vocalist MARK WEITZ and ace drummer ATMA ANUR. The forthcoming album will also be guested by bassist STU HAMM.

  • SINOPOLI will release their long awaited album called "The Eyes Never Lie" on Generation Records on November 11th, 2002. The band features: JOEY SINOPOLI on guitars and vocals, NICKY SINOPOLI on bass, BOBBY O'CONNELL on guitars and KEVIN MEYER on drums.
  • A Swedish SWEET tribute is released through Scana Records - among the musicians are the always busy TOMMY DENANDER, former EUROPE member JOHN LEVÉN and ace guitarist BRUCE KULICK. But the "real" thing has just released "Sweetlife" through Delicious Records, so ANDY SCOTT is back - in fact I saw him this summer in acceptable shape!
  • The Danish hard rock party band BAD MONDAY has just finished the recordings of their newest album. 12 songs has been recorded and mixed - expect a release around December.

  • NORWAY along with hard rock musicians from the New Jersey and New York area, recently joined forces to record a song called "Bridge Of Faith" for a charity CD in aid of 9/11 called "United -We All Come Together" which has been put together in England by journalist Nicky Baldrian, to be released Winter 2002. The song was written by guitarist JIM SANTOS. Joining Jim are fellow Norway members GLENN PIERSON, MARTY BRASSINGTON, and JOE SLATTERY, vocalist DAVE BALDWIN from DEPARTURE/TRADIA, PHIL VINCENT, JOHN TAGLIERI, JOHNNY LIMA, LARRY ATELLO and LISA BOUCHELLE.
  • Frontiers is finally proud to confirm the release of the brand new JOURNEY EP "Red 13" for all the territories of Europe and Asia. "Red 13" features four previously unreleased song in a very high quality it seems - they are as follows: "State of Grace", "The Time", "Walking away from the Edge" and "I can breathe".
  • The live BLACKMORE'S NIGHT album will be called "Past Times With Good Company" and released in November - both in Europe and Japan. The CD is recorded in Groningen, Holland and New York in 2002 from the "Fires At Midnight"-Tour. It will contain the old RAINBOW track "16th Century Greensleeves", as is DEEP PURPLE's "Soldier Of Fortune". The Japanese November 20 release features a bonus track - "Memmingen".

  • Frontiers has signed Spanish rockers NEXX - known for their promising appearence at The Gods 2001.
  • Expect a forthcoming interview with Swedish AOR band STREET TALK's mastermind FREDRIK BERG prior to the release of the third CD "Restoration" featuring vocalists HUGO and GÖRAN EDMAN.
  • Daish melodic rockers PANGEA has finished their third effort. TORBEN LYSHOLM, TONY OLSEN and new bass player JAN ENGSTRØM is without a contract - so please Mr. A&R man, if you are into bands like SKAGARACK, VAN HALEN, EXTREME and/or GIANT you will love this!

  • Escape Music has announced that STEVE OVERLAND from FM and STEVE MORRIS from HEARTLAND has finished the demoes for their upcoming SHADOWMAN-project.... And speaking of FM - former drummer PETE JUPP is nowadays involved with the NEWMAN album!
  • Fastlane Records has scheduled the new album from former SHOTGUN MESSIAH frontman ZINNY J. ZAN to September 16th.
  • MTM Music has signed once wel-known melodic rockers BILOXI. They were introduced to the European market by Danish label manager KEN ANTHONY!

  • MTM Music has signed the promising band Winter Parade from Norway with the debut "Midnight in Paradise". The musical style is the "classic" Scandinavian melodic hard rock sound with very significant keyboard word from the mysterious MR. HOWE..!
  • Guitar Maestro JK NORTHRUP is now a member of a reformed XYZ. Together with his partner original singer TERRY ILOUS they have signed to MTM Music. While we wait for the record we can hear examples on their music abilities on NORTHRUP's "Play it on 11 - best of.." also on MTM Music.
  • Swedish AOR/melodic band sensation HOUSE OF SHAKIRA are about to release a promo video - download the video "In your Head" from their website.

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