News July-December 2003

  • I wish all viewers and supporters the best - have a merry X-mas and Happy New Year - may the Melodic Rock be with you.
    Hope you'll take time to drop by again in 2004!

    Steen Peitersen - Editor & Webmaster

  • Danish/Scottish outfit CORNERSTONE will be giving a warm up gig in Copenhagen the last night of February 2004. The event will take place at TEX's Vestergade 7, Copenhagen K. STEEN MOGENSEN and Co. will announce the larger schedule later!
  • ...and speaking of STEEN MOGENSEN - he is now out of ROYAL HUNT. Bassist MOGENSEN and guitarist JACOB KJAER are leaving bandfounder ANDRÉ ANDERSEN and vocalist JOHN WEST on their own. The split is a fact with no "unsolved conflicts or misunderstandings" as it reads on their web-site.
  • And more in the breaking-up-departement: Finnish power/prog/melodic band STRATOVARIUS has parted with vocalist TIMO KOTIPELTO and drummer JÖRG MICHAEL. But according to the lead guitarist TIMO TOLKKI the band will still excist and he is searching for a Finnish drummer and a German singer(!?)

  • The magnificent Swedish melodic band with a twist HOUSE OF SHAKIRA has signed a deal with Lion Music. The fivesome is currently working on their new studio album which is to be released during the second half of 2004. This new album will be the band's 4th studio album since their debut album "Lint" which was released in 1997.
  • Sweden rock 2004 has already confirmed several bands for this summers show. Bands like UFO, JUDAS PRIEST, APRIL WINE and KINGDOM COME will appear!
  • Frontiers Records is announcing all details about the release of SEVENTH KEY's second album entitled “The Raging Fire”. Seventh Key is the band project put together by Kansas bass player, BILLY GREER together with former Streets bandmate MIKE SLAMER. “The Raging Fire” soundbyte is available here.

  • German melodic rockers WICKED SENSATION has just finished the vocal recordings for the upcoming new album "Exceptional" with new vocalist FERNANDO GARCIA. The date for the mix is scheduled for the 24th of November and will be mixed by DENNIS WARD (PC 69) in the Tidal Wave Studios Karlsruhe/Germany.
  • The first issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine sponsored by Frontiers Records is out now. A new free bimonthly magazine created to support all the melodic rock fans. It contains interviews, reviews, previews and trivia!
    Melodic Rock Fanzine is available free of charge in the best European music stores or it can be read online as a PDF eBook here (requires Adobe Acobat Reader).
  • Heavy metal rockers SECRET HEROES announces the release of their new album titled "Loose, High & Free". The first 1000 pieces of the album will be released as a strictly limited edition.
    Every CD will have its own individual number, plus bonus material and a 12-page-booklet that will not be available in future editions of the album. Orders for the limited edition can be placed at the band's official website.
    But as a taster you can listen to some of the songs in MP3 format. The album will be out on sale on Monday, December 8th, 2003.

  • MISTER KITE will soon be ready to release their newest concept album "Box of Fear" mixed by JAN ELIASSON in Copenhagen. The release will on November 28 be preceded by a 3 track CD single called "The Hunger". More info on this site. The band and especially vocalist ALF WEMMERLIND has recently been active on several tribute albums through Lion Music.
  • US power-poppers SWIRL 360 has signed a record deal with Swedish label Atenzia Records. Label-boss MAGNUS SÖDERKVIST will release the bands new record sometime in 2004!
  • Danish shock-rocker par excellence KING DIAMOND's new album "The Puppet Master" has gone straight up the Swedish charts on rank 24! The album is released worldwide through Massacre Records. And more good Danish news is that the album "A matter of Attitude" with the Danish band FATE will be re-released through MTM Classix.

  • The rhythm-group of EUROPE: MIC MICHAELI, JOHN LEVEN and IAN HAUGLAND is also active together with fellow Swedish vocalist MIKAEL ERLANDSSON and former FAIR WARNING guitarist ANDY MALECEK under the moniker LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM. They will release their selftitled album through Frontiers Records on January 19th 2004!
  • MIKE TRAMP has just made his first live album available through UlfTONE as a double DigiPak. The album is called "Rock'n'Roll Alive" and is recorded this summer during a gig in "Pumpehuset" in his hometown Copenhagen.
  • Have you ever heard the first single from Danish Singer/guitarist B-JOE's latest album "B-Joe & The HeartAches". The old legendary band ACHE is joining him on this album and the single "Eyes of a Child" can be heard through his web site!

  • Fantastic Swedish guitarist SAYIT DÖLEN will have his new album "Louder" out on MTM November 10th. He has made a transformation (like soul-mate DENANDER) from westcoast to straight AOR/Hard Rock - absolutely GREAT!!
  • There are new uploaded pictures with former =Y= frontman YENZ LEONHARDT and the rest of KINGDOM COME on their website. There is an interesting forum concerning KC too here, btw!
  • Finally there are good news regarding ARENA (Sweden) - the duo featuring former BAD HABIT member HAL MARABEL and FAME FACTORY singer DENNIS RADOICIC will release their debut on November 12th.

  • The mighty Swedes EUROPE has finally reached a point talking about a new album, a DVD and a world tour! Due to a tight schedule and lots of work KEE MARCELLO will only join the band live - so the line-up will be: JOEY TEMPEST, JOHN NORUM, JOHN LEVÉN, IAN HAUGLAND and MIC MICHAELI - ooh great happiness!
  • There are 3 MP3 samples ready from Danish/Scottish outfit CORNERSTONE - available through vocalist DOOGIE WHITE's web site. The new album called "Once upon our Yesterdays" will be officially released November 3rd and will feature STEEN MOGENSEN on bass, KASPER DAMGAARD (MIKE TRAMP) on guitars and ALLAN SŘRENSEN on drums - the same outfit that recorded "Human Stain" back in 2002.
  • ... and speaking of MIKE TRAMP - he will be co-headlining "Bang your Head" in Balingen, Germany in 2004 under the WHITE LION moniker! Line up and more info as I get it! Until then we will have to be satisfied with a FREAK OF NATURE compilation "Freakthology" available through UlfTONE

  • STREET TALK has a new and improved website up and running with a lot of soundbytes etc. Main man FREDRIK BERGH states that info on the forthcoming new material will be posted soon.
  • Danish AOR/WestCoast artist RENÉ GUMMER has a new album out called "Grass" released on the "almost famous" Danish independent label In The House Records.
  • Former =Y=/SPACEHEAD guitarist OLIVER STEFFENSEN is right now on tour with MIKE TRAMP & THE DANISH RUDEBOYS. On OLIVER's new official web site you will find (among other interesting things) a MediaPlayer video on the track "Falling Down" recorded acustic in France this summer!

  • Former BOSTON/ORION THE HUNTER/RTZ guitarist BARRY GOUDREAU and friend BRAD DELP has a new CD out now simply called Delp/Goudreau - it is available here!
  • The very strong rockers WICKED SENSATION has parted company with singer ROBERT SOETERBOEK - but has alredy joined forces with former VICTORY-shouter FERNANDO GARCIA... Their forthcoming album "Exceptional" will be a bit delayed.
  • "We are not worthy..." - please check out the website of German hard hitters BONFIRE - it is a state-of-the-art info center! Their new CD "Free" will be instore 29th September.

  • Keybord-player and band founder FREDRIK BERGH are busy right now collecting songs for a STREET TALK album for MTM. As yet the album is called "Best of and unreleased" but it will feature two new tracks sung by GÖRAN EDMAN. The band will be completed by TONY FRANKLIN on bass, SVEN LARSSON on guitar and CHRISTIAN JOHANSSON on drums.
  • UREAS - featuring former FATE-vocalist PER JOHANSSON (aka Henriksen) has been in the Jailhouse Studios and made two additional tracks called "Lost my Faith" and "Spiritual possessed". I heard the tracks and can recognize traces from the melodic years along with a more fresh experimental/industrial vibe.
  • Swedish rock band NARNIA will be featured on the forthcoming URIAH HEEP tribute called "A Return to Fantasy" on Century Media. They will play the track called "Sunrise".

  • Power Play Records will soon re-issue Swedish monster band 220 VOLT and their 1988 album "Eye to Eye". On the album there will be new artwork and photo material as well as two bonus tracks!
  • MARTIE PETERS will soon have some pictures and samples of the new album "Bird on the Wire" available. He will cover the old FACES-track "Dixie Toot" with hot guitarist CHRISTIAN THIESEN and two tracks is recorded with old SATERIA mate RENÉ SHADES - who played with MIKE TRAMP for a while!
  • PETRA's aggressiv and hard hitting new album "Jekyll & Hyde" is now available online through Family Christian Stores.

  • Swedish melodic band COASTLINE who earlier this year signed a contract with Vinny Records got their own website now and a date for release of their self titled debut album - expect an album on the 7th of November 2003!
  • MR. KITE is in the middle of the making of their second album. In the meantime vocalist ALF WEMMERLIND sings on the ULI JOHN ROTH tribute from Lion Music.
  • One of my favorite singers HUGO is very active at the moment both in the JOURNEY-tribute band EVOLUTION and as a solo artist. He has a working title for his future album called "Fire in the Night" - and when it is finished it will be available through

  • Christian Swedish rock band LAUDAMUS has a new record out called "Lost in Vain", it has been produced by the busy KEN TAMPLIN.
  • ... for more info on themes and subjects regarding the Christian rock/metal scene check out the informative Metal For Jesus!
  • And as we are speaking of the Swedes - DIO-supporters NARNIA are planning a DVD-release from their concert in Owen, Germany later this year. They were supporting their album "The Great Fall".

  • Guitarist JES KERSTEIN LARSEN from former Danish AOR-band PARBER/KERSTEIN has joined one of the most well-known (in Denmark that is) party bands called BAMSES VENNER (Teddy's Friends).
  • Fine vocalist CHRIS LOGAN asked me to notice the new album from MSG called "Arachnophobiac" - it has got some raving reviews around the world so please check it out!
  • This is a small melodic band from USA called FEED THE RHINO - their new album "I like it" is available now!

  • MARTIE PETERS has just revealed the new working title for his forthcoming album - now it is called "Bird on the Wire". The line-up is: ANTHONY LLEDO on keyboards/guitars, MARTIN SLOTT on guitar and JESPER WERNER on drums.
  • ROYAL HUNT is now out with their newest album "Eyewitness" in Japan and South East Asia. And so far the reactions from both media and fans has been good - tour dates will be announced soon through their web-site.
  • I heard the title track for PETRA's new album "Jekyll & Hyde" the other day - it was their hardest ever! There are more soundbytes here.

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