News January-June 2005

  • RAIN featuring German singer MICHAEL BORMANN (ex-JADED HEART) is soon ready with their second studio effort "Stronger". This album is more rocked up and more heavier than the debut album "House Of Dreams". The line-up is now close to complete again after some changes - TORE MORÉN on guitar, LARS FORSETH on guitar, new bassplayer TROND EIDE (ex- BANGKOK BABES) and PEPPA ? on drums. The release date as well as the record label is still to be announced...
  • MTM proudly presents the "anniversary" record with SILVER - featuring MICHAEL VOSS and GARY BARDEN. It's the bands 5th album and besides soon BARDEN's 50th birthday... The magnificent TOMMY DENANDER makes a guest appearence on the album scheduled for September 2005 - up till now known as "Gold" ;-)
    DENANDER also appears on the Christian album with LIBERTY N' JUSTICE!
  • Swedish melodic rock band GYPSY ROSE has finished the works on their self-titled debut album - planned release September 5th on Escape Music. The band is based around former DOG FACE guitarist MARTIN KRONLUND but also features the talents of vocalist HÅKAN GUSTAFSSON, MATS BOSTEDT on bass, RIKARD QUIST on keyboards and IMRE DAUN on drums (ex-DON PATROL).

  • Swedish AOR legends ALIEN has reunited and is ready for a new album. Guitarist TONY BORG and vocalist JIM JIDHED has recruited bass player BERNT EK from HOUSE OF SHAKIRA and drummer JAN LUNDBERG - soon they will announce record company, release schedule and live performances!
  • After the rather successfull presence at the Eurovision Song Contest Norwegian glam-rockers WIG WAM will support ALICE COOPER on his show in Stockholm August 9 th. Probably the band will do a small Scandinavian tour as well...!
  • The always busy SWEDE TOMMY DENANDER has always been a fan of good ole KISS - and recently he has both played on PAUL STANLEY's new album and was invited to do a guest appearence on an E.S.P. show - performing "Smoke on the Water", btw.

  • After 5 albums ANDERS RYDHOLM has decided to leave Swedish melodic rockers GRAND ILLUSION. The band he helped to form back in 1986 as PROMOTION. For the moment ANDERS puts all his attention on an album with American singer SHERWOOD BALL and assisted by former bandmate in GRAND ILLUSION OLA af TRAMPE.
  • BENNECH LYNGBOE who left Nowegian duo ON THE RISE in the fall 2003 has recently landed a deal for his new project MAIN ATTRACTION with MTM. Since his departure he has since been writing new material and recorded some new songs with ZSOLT MESZAROS on drums, JAN MARTIN KLEVELAND on bass and RONNY HEIMDAL on guitars and keyboards. The debut release is scheduled for autumn 2005.
  • Escape Music has signed some Scandinavian acts recently. First they signed Finnish band PRAYER. The band is a six piece hard melodic rock band and their brand new album "Wrong Address" will be in the vein of SAGA and/or ROYAL HUNT. PRAYER is formed by lead vocalist TAPANI TIKKANEN - former with IC ROCK. Then they landed a deal with fellow Finnish country-men MYON, and their latest signing is Swedish melodic band GYPSY ROSE.

  • Remember the 80's band DIVING FOR PEARLS? Their new album "Texas" will be out 20th of June on Swedish based label Atenzia Records - the album is produced by DAVID PRATER!
  • New Swedish prog-rock band XSAVIOR featuring GÖRAN EDMAN on vocals, DANIEL FLORES on drums, BENNY JANSSON on guitar, MATT NORBERG on keyboards and MATHIAS GARNÅS on bass has also cut a deal with Atenzia Records - their new album "Caleidoscope" will be released 23rd of May.
  • German hard rockers JADED HEART are all in Sweden at the moment finishing up the vocals by new frontman JOHAN FAHLBERG (ex SCUDIERO) for the new album called "Helluva Time".

  • Danish rockers IRONFIRE is back at the Jailhouse Studios preparing their next album. New members are MADS ANDERSEN on guitar, JENS B. on drums and MARTIN LUND on the bass - and of course founding member and ace vocalist MARTIN STEENE (also known from FORCE OF EVIL).
  • NORTHERN LIGHT is the new project fronted by the Norwegian guitar player TOR TALLE. The release is scheduled for June 6 on MTM and features the talents of FERGIE FREDERIKSEN, KIMMO BLOM, TONY MILLS, PETER SUNDELL, ROB MORATTI and FREDRIK BERGH. I just can't wait!
  • The Danish WestCoast/AOR site Blue Desert has a brand new and exciting lay out - but it is as always THE source of WC music in Denmark. Check it out!

  • MARTIE PETERS GROUP has got two dates in Holland so far: Saturday 09. April on Porgy & Bess, Terneuzen and Sunday 10. April on The Music Temple, Roosendaal. Be there and support the melodic rock from Denmark ;)
  • Danish melodic rock band PANGEA is right now searching for a guitarist to replace former frontman TORBEN LYSHOLM. They have found a suitable vocalist in former JANE DOE shouter JESPER HÖJER. Contact them - if you're any good with a six-string!
  • STREET TALK's main man - the friendly Swede keyboardist and songwriter FREDRIK BERGH plays an important role on the new album with German guitarist/vocalist BRUNO KRALER called "Interaction".
  • Danish rockers D.A.D is right now mixing their forthcoming album with TOMMY HANSEN at the Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. Until the release mid of May you can listen to first single "Scare yourself"!

  • ROYAL HUNT´s new album has finally got a name “Paper Blood” and has their original drummer KENNETH OLSEN back in the ranks! Release date is scheduled for Europe on Frontiers on June the 6th 2005. You can ease the waiting time by checking out the cover art-work relased on their website!
  • The mighty Swede GÖRAN EDMAN is doing lead vocals on the new BRAZEN ABBOT album “My Resurrection” along the sides of TONY HARNELL and JOE LYNN TURNER.
  • ... and speaking of GÖRAN EDMAN he is now busy doing the re-recording for a "Best of" compilation with Swedish keyboard maestro RICHARD ANDERSSON. A compilation with the best tracks from 3 records is being made with a new line-up featuring JENS JOHANSSON as well.

  • According to Sound Riot YNGVE HANSEN, the bass player of the Norwegian Power Metal band GAIA EPICUS died in a car crash the other day!! The new studio album with GAIA EPICUS will be out 23th March 2005 though. R.I.P.
  • The recording of ROYAL HUNT´s new album is coming to an end – very last touches are being put down as we speak. The process which took 14 months is almost over. The CD will contain 10 songs (no concept this time) and clocks at just a bit over 50 minutes. Mixing will start in the middle of March in the legendary EMI/Medley Studio in Copenhagen with ANDRÉ ANDERSEN and LARS OVERGAARD behind the board. The band held a few pre-listening parties in the last couple of weeks and the responses from the journalists and fans were good!
  • New Swedish metal/rock/pop act WHITESILVER featuring the talents of drummer PATRIK JOHANSSON, and MICHAEL JOHANSSON on bass, guitarist JOAKIM LUDWIGSSON and vocalist HENRIK NILSSON. The debut album will be out soon on ATENZIA records.

  • The Rock in Copenhagen has a few interesting concerts in the future: 10th of March ASIA is playing there, 28th of April ERIC SINGER PROJECT is passing by and SOUL SIRKUS is in Denmark 26th of May!
  • Check out the new site of rock'n roll/heavy metal/blues band FROM BEHIND featuring vocalist NICKY MOORE, known from SAMSOM/MAMMOTH and Swedish metal guru/guitarist JANNE STARK.
  • ... and while you are at it: Check ot the charity organization N Rock United which has a support in TERJE EIDE from Norwegian melodic act ON THE RISE.

  • Remember that MTM is ready to release the re-issue of classic Danish melodic band FATE's fourth album "Scratch 'n Sniff" on the 21st of March...
  • ERIK NORLANDER has played keyboards and produced the latest opus by his wife LANA LANE called "Lady MacBeth" introducing KRISTOFFER GILDENLÖW from Swedish prog rockers PAIN OF SALVATION as the new bass player.
  • This is also the week where Danish rock café #1 The Rock will have at least 2 golden events - tomorrow there will be a releaseparty for MARTIE PETERS (support: IRON FIRE), and saturday the wil be a double concert with EVIL MASQUERADE and CORNERSTONE.

  • Swedish power rockers TALISMAN - featuring American ace vocalist JEFF SCOTT SOTO though - are releasing a double DVD and a double CD on Frontiers the 21st of March!
  • More good news from the far north are that Finnish prog-rockers STRATOVARIUS has re-united after a year with much turmoil. But now TIMO TOLKKI, TIMO KOTIPELTO, JÖRG MICHAEL, JARI KAINULAINEN and JENS JOHANSSON are working on a new studio record.
  • HOUSE OF SHAKIRA are busy right now as they both tour supporting their newest album "First Class" - but they are also dusting their first two records off. The band will re-release these two albums through their "new" label Lion Music.

  • There are movements in the ROYAL HUNT camp. Only keyboard wizzard ANDRÉ ANDERSEN is now left as a founding member - vocalist JOHN WEST is still holding on, and new guitarplayer is Swedish hot shot MARCUS JIDELL. But right now they are in their North Point Studio in Copenhagen with old friends MARIA McTURK and KENNY LÜBCKE - stay tuned for more news.
  • Before FATE returns with a brand new album there will be a re-release of their much sought after album "Scratch'N'Sniff" originally from 1999 through MTM Classix!
  • German hard rockers JADED HEART has finally found a suitable match for departed vocalist MICHAEL BORMANN - it is Swedish ex-SCUDIERO shouter JOHAN FAHLBERG. New album is on its way through UlfTone/Frontiers Records. But also BORMANN is planning a release of a 2 CD set - one with solo material and one with material originally written for a JADED HEART album!!

  • The new Danish neo-classical/progressive supergroup - EVIL MASQUERADE fronted by guitarist HENRIK FLYMAN known from WUTHERING HEIGHTS and vocalist HENRIK BROCKMAN Ex- ROYAL HUNT are putting the finishing touches to their debut album "Theatrical Madness”. Deadline is in Europe on April 5th 2004 through Frontiers Records - but eager fans can hear them as a support act to CORNERSTONE at The Rock on February 12th.
  • More good news from Scandinavian acts are that the selftitled debut from HEARTBREAK RADIO will be released on March 14th by AOR Heaven. The project is featuring guys like TORBJÖRN WASSENIUS, CLAES ANDREASSON, PIERRE WEINSBERG, TOMMY DENANDER and MIKKEY DEE.
  • TOMMY DENANDER is also heavily involved in the Swedish all-star benefit DVD for the Tsunami victims. The song "Where is the fire" has most of the Swedish creme de la creme in melodic rock featured and will be sold at the price of 11 Euro that goes to Red Cross!!

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