News July-December 2004

  • I wish all viewers and supporters the best - have a merry X-mas and Happy New Year - may the Melodic Rock be with you.
    Hope you'll take time to drop by again in 2005!

    Steen Peitersen - Editor & Webmaster

  • According to vocalist PER JOHANSSON the great melodic band FATE has signed a 3-album-deal with MTM. The first one is to be released with "Cruisin' for a bruisin'" on a double-disc around October 2005.
  • PER's other project UREAS has gone into a finishing phase with the forthcoming album "The Naked Truth". It will be mixed in February - and PER & his wife HEIDI will be making a video to the track "In my Life". Guest musicians will be drummer DENNIS BUHL from EVIL MASQUERADE, KASPER GRAM from MANTICORA, keyboard wizard FINN ZIERLER and FATE companion SÖREN HOFF on guitar. Expect a musical style in the vein of NIGHTWISH, EVANESCENCE and/or OZZY! Exciting!!
  • MÖTLEY CRÜE is confirmed for SWEDEN ROCK Festival 2005 alongside bands like ACCEPT, KANSAS, DIO and MAGNUM. The CRÜE is back with all four original members VINCE NEIL, NIKKI SIXX, TOMMY LEE and MICK MARS.
    The show at SWEDEN ROCK will be the only one in Sweden this coming summer. The band will be the last band out at the festival on June 11. New album is planned for an early spring release.

  • The band HARDWAY has signed a record deal with new British melodic label Carbon 13. These days they band is working on their debut album with producer PETER COLEMAN.
  • Frontiers Records announces that "superband" LAST AUTUM'S DREAM has planned the album named "II" and EUROPE guys IAN HAUGLAND, MIC MICHAELI and JOHN LÉVEN has been replaced with JAMIE BORGER, THOMAS LASSAR and MARCEL JACOB - they now join founding members MIKAEL ERLANDSSON and ANDY MALACEK.
  • RHAPSODY is now in the studio to re-record the track "The Magic of the Wizard's Dream" from their latest studio album with Mr. DRACULA - noble British actor CHISTOPHER LEE and producer JOEY DEMAIO.

  • It seems that TOMMY HANSEN at Jailhouse Studios in Horsens, Denmark has good relations to Escape Music. British band HEARTLAND is working on their new album "Move On" with the line up of CHRIS OUSEY on vocals, STEVE MORRIS on guitars and RASMUS DUEDAHL (FATE) on drums, BJARNE HOLM (FATE) on drums, MATHIAS GREGERSEN, PER SVENSSON & PETER SUNDELL (both GRAND ILLUSION) on background vocals. The album is produced by STEVE MORRIS and ANDERS RYDHOLM!
    Download a preview on the track "Where Do We Go" here.
  • MIKE TRAMP is heading for Australia for some mid-December tour dates. The 16th and 17th of December he is at the Barwon Clun, Geelong and The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Both nights with special guests STAND - and the possibillity for photos and autographs after the show.
  • MTM Music has signed Norwegian guitarist TOR TALLE and his new project NORTHERN LIGHT. The debut album is scheduled spring 2005 and features the talents of FERGIE FREDERIKSEN,TONY MILLS, PETER SUNDELL, KIMMO BLOM, FREDRIK BERGH, JORN LANDE and TERJE EIDE.
  • Swedish band HOUSE OF SHAKIRA has set up a minor Spanish tour 2nd-5th of December. For the first time they will perform as a six-piece unit as their former front man MIKAEL ERIKSSON, who has continued to write lyrics for the band, will join for shows in Madrid, Bilbao and Murcia!

  • Danish melodic rocker MARTIE PETERS has announced his live line up. It will be MARTIN SLOTT on guitar, JACOB SCHLEIN on drums and BJ on the bass - whenever possible ANTHONY LLEDO will join them on guitar, too! Next event will be in Denmark, November 13th in Albertslund, support IRON FIRE.
  • After a 6 year long break from the music scene the Swedish AOR rockers BAD HABIT will appear in Malmö on October 29th at Gloris's Club. This will be a blast!
  • Nothing is confirmed yet - but MIKE TRAMP is working on possibilities for a US tour Spring 2005. But as he says, "I simply just can't fly to the USA and play for 3 people in Loraine, Ohio." Let's hope for a larger support than that!

  • Escape Music has signed old Danish rockers L.A.. The band released their self titled debut back in 1985 (with an ASIA-like cover) but now they are back - ready to release their "Unfinished Business" on December 6. The new album is recorded in the Jailhouse Studios in Horsens under the magic fingers of TOMMY HANSEN. The band featuring the original members among others the 3 IMPGAARD brothers LARS, JENS and SÖREN on guitar, guitar and keyboard and vocalist/bassist JAN ACHMANN- only original drummer KIM CHRISTENSEN has been replaced by HENRIK JENSEN.
  • Producer TOMMY HANSEN from Jailhouse Studios has been active on other projects, too. He has been involved with the new album with BILL LIESEGANG/DOUGIE WHITE called "Visual Surveillance of Extremities" also through Escape Music.
  • TORBEN LYSHOLM - the main man behind the Danish power group PANGEA finally is ready to launch his MYSTERELL project - the date for that release is on December 6 through Frontiers Records.
  • MIKE TRAMP is very busy at the moment. He is on his way all over Europe - actually he started yesterday in Hamburg... On the road he will be joined by KASPER FOSS on dums, CLAUS LANGESKOV on bass an newie LANCE KELTNER on guitar. While we wait for a new album sometime in 2005, he will release a box of "leftovers" called "Songs I left behind" (also) on December 6 on Frontiers Records.

  • There will soon be released a live video with FATE from Deep Impact on MTM Classix, as a little bonus there will be a new track called "Everything about You" and a live recording of "I can't stand losing you". More news as I get them...
  • The melodic/progressive outfit CIRCUS MIND from Denmark got a new drummer - MORTEN CAMILLO (ex PUSH) has taken over the pots and pans.
  • The new swedish act NOVAK is fronted by singer and guitarist ANDREAS NOVAK, who previously released two albums with the band MIND´S EYE, and recently participated in the swedish tv show Fame Factory. NOVAK is inspired by bands like QUEEN, VAN HALEN, JOURNEY and DEF LEPPARD. The forthcoming album "Forever Endeavour" will contain a balanced mix between hard and soft elements. The song "Save Me" has already been released in Sweden on a compilation that sold 16,000 copies and it will be released on the forthcoming MTM COMPILATION Volume 10.
  • Danish melodic rocker MARTIE PETERS will in the future be known as MPG - MARTIE PETERS GROUP. According to the track featured on the new MTM COMPILATION Volume 10..

  • Danish melodic rocker MARTIE PETERS has come up with the dates for his new album on MTM. The new album will be out 21st of January 2005 in Japan and 30th of January in USA and Europe!
  • After a long break there is finally a little light in the dark for Danish rockers PRETTY MAIDS. They were performing on Danish national television yesterday supporting BETH HART. They will be performing at the grand opening of new rock club The Rock/Club Tex in Copenhagen the 17th of September - the address is Skindergade 45-47 and it is at 21.00 o'clock!.
  • Former SKAGARACK guitar player JAN "PIND" PETERSEN is working with Danish pop/rock/party outfit FOXX. I got this information from the former tour manager af SKAGARACK - STEPHEN RUSSELL who played in BEES KNEES in the late 80's and now active in Celtic-inspired orchestra WILLOW.

  • STEEN MOGENSEN from CORNERSTONE has opened his studio called Stonelab Recordings with the primal goal of giving new young acts the opportunity to get a super sound for less money!
  • The Swedish/Australian duo PEO and ROD WEST has a new website up and running called POP Productions. PEO PETTERSON has written for, recorded and produced many Scandinavian artists. Among others bands like AXIA and the melodic Christians LEVITICUS.
  • Norwegian AOR artist ON THE RISE personified by TERJE EIDE has spent time writing songs to other artists during the process of making new material. One of the artists is singer JOE VANA from MECCA and his new album "Ambition". Twelve songs are offered for the occasion by writers as TERJE and Swedish songwriter CHRISTIAN WOLFF.
  • KEVIN CHALFANT is back with a new project called SHADOW FADE recorded with Italian gutarist/producer ALEX DeROSSO. There are soundsamples from 3 tracks on Frontiers.

  • Danish melodic rocker MARTIE PETERS has finally god a well deserved record deal with MTM.
  • EUROPE's long awaited come back album "Start from the Dark" produced by KEVIN ELSON will be out in Japan September 22 and in Scandinavia (and the rest of Europe) 4 days later. But tomorrow - Yes, TOMORROW the first single "Got to have Faith" will be released!
  • Swedish based Atenzia Records proudly present former PROPHET vocalist RUSSEL ARCARA's new band THE WAY. The debut album "Frequency of Spirit" will be out this fall.
  • British melodic/progressive rockers THRESHOLD will be out touring central Europe in the month of September supporting their new highly acclaimed album "Subsurface".

  • There are 3 Denmark-related tracks on the new Compilation CD from "The Beast Inside".
    MARTIE PETERS with title track "The Beast inside", CORNERSTONE with the acustic demo "Some have Dreams" and MIKE TRAMP with "Sometimes".
  • On the new album with FROM THE INSIDE - featuring former TYKETTO singer DANNY VAUGHN there are two tracks with the melodic Swede MARTIN STENMARCK: "Losing Game" and "Stop" originally from his album "One". There is a whole new album with the dynamic Swede called "Up & Ner Sänger" with songs supporting the organization SOS Children Village.
  • TNT has parted company with long time bass player MORTY BLACK. He assures that he will be back on the road - to support a solo release, maybe?

  • One of the most busy men in the rock bizz TOMMY DENANDER has several projects in the making... he is now the new studio manager of Hypersonic Studios in Gothenburg, and will therefore take a break from the AOR scene! He has just finished the recordings on a instrumental guitar album called "Tightrope" with lots of great guests. A documentary DVD about the RADIACTIVE project will be released later this fall. He has been involved in 6 songs for a new movie with DONALD SUTHERLAND called "Baltic Storm". This man must be on EPO!
  • The line up for the reborn Danish melodic band FATE on the Deep Impact festival in Munich this weekend will be: PER JOHANSSON vocals, PETER STEINCKE bass, SÖREN HOFF guitar, FINN ZIERLER keyboards (from BEYOND TWILIGHT) and RASMUS DUEDAHL on drums. Good luck!
  • Danish sleaze band SWITCHBLADE will be featured on the new "Hollywood Hairspray vol. 3" compilation by Perris Records.

  • CIRCUS MIND is a new progressive rock band from in Denmark. Featuring MIKKEL JENSEN (Ex-NARITA) on keyboards, CLIVE HELLIER on vocals, DANNY SÖRENSEN on guitar, MERIH CIHAN on drums and ROBERT JENSEN on bass.
  • GREENHOUZE is a Norwegian music-project featuring vocalist SOLLI and guitarist LARS BERGER. Stylewise their music can be described as Melodic Hard Rock/AOR with hints of New Age and symphonic/progressive rock. The song "Train Song" is featured on the new "Rock Ballads vol.5" from MTM.
  • Two years after the highly acclaimed album "Independent", LENNY WOLF has created a new album "Perpetual" which will be released under the KINGDOM COME moniker later this year on Frontiers Records - but there is a little taster here.

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